Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tests and Drives

Well, I was wrong about the book test date that I was semi panicking about. Not quite sure how I did it, but I wrote the wrong date in my planner. Oops. While at least now I'm pretty prepared and I actually have an opportunity to send in practice essays. Look at the bright side.

I went to the blood drive today. I was all pumped for it, and I go through all the paperwork and questions.... and they can't find a vein. *sigh* I think the guy was sort of puzzled, because he said he couldn't even feel any veins down deep. So I got sent on without donating. Well, I guess I still got a free t-shirt and a Chipotle gift card, so not all's lost. Still, though, I'm disappointed. I was looking forward to being able to give blood. Just such a cool thought, you know?

Maybe I'll try again next year. (Hey, Mom, my first free tee! *giggles*)

Okay, so I really have nothing else to write about, and I really need to finish math and start reading drama before heading off to work! So, I guess I'll leave off here.


P.S. Here's the shirt! Hehe. And pretty darn good for a cell phone!


Nathaniel said...

Awesome shirt. I think I should be able to donate the next time they come around. I was on too many meds last time. I was asking about the test in the txt message. I guess if I had read this I would have had an answer.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool for a free tee.

Natasha said...

wow i didn't realize that was a t-shirt. and i totally had chipotle yesterday! they have the yummy cheese like el campestre :-)