Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Free Time!

History class is canceled! Normally I wouldn't be quite so glad about this, but I have a ton of homework to do. I didn't do any of yesterday's homework yesterday because I was doing German, so I have all that on top of today's. At least the German today looks a little less time-consuming. Whew!

So really, I guess it isn't free time, just more time. Thank God.

CRU last night was really good. They had a guest speaker from a neaby church who had a really awesome message, and I even got to sit with someone I know! Dominique came with me, though she left so quickly at the end that I didn't get to ask her what she thought. I know she was tired, so was I!, but it was awful quick.... Anyway, here's hoping and praying she comes next week.

Kristen my roommate was supposed to come with me too, but she got... distracted. She felt really bad about it this morning. Everyone was tired. I think she's struggling more than she lets on, but I really don't feel right going into it here. Just pray, eh? She's got a good heart in there... somewhere. *smiles*

Ah! Only two days of school and work left and then it's the weekend!!! *is so excited* I can survive.... I just have to do the homework!



Anonymous said...

I just prayed for Liz and Kristen this morning and will continue to do so. Glad God took care of things for you. See you soon.

Nathaniel said...

I know the feeling about there only being 2 more days. I don't know how I'll make it through two more days on the job. I've done the past two but just glad that there is a 3 day weekend coming up.