Tuesday, September 08, 2009

And after the long weekend...

It's back to school. *sighs* Ah well. Classes went well, and homework isn't too bad. I'll manage. And it's CRU tonight! Tuesday's are the best. :)

Jessica, who is in my Life Group, came to sit with me at lunch, which was very nice, and then Jessica #2, who is on the drum line with Jessica #1 and in my Intro to Drama class, joined us. It made for a very enjoyable meal, even if all of us wished we didn't have another class to go to tonight. *smiles* Anyway, I'll be sitting with Jessica at CRU tonight, which is sooo nice. Jessica #2 might be coming, as well as Kristen, and I'm going to ask Dominque. Here's hoping!

So, I guess this was just a quick note while procrastinating on homework! Tomorrow's hump day, all!



Natasha said...

how is tuesday hump day?

Crystal said...

I just read that the average woman's hight is 5' 3.8"
LOL We are so tall!

~Ley said...

Tomorrow (well, eh, today) is Wednesday, Tasha!