Monday, September 14, 2009

More Free Time

History class got canceled again today. Professor Evans is sick again. I'm starting to get a little worried about her. But at least I'll actually have time to read Othello and stay caught up on all my homework.

I finished my paper this morning 20 minutes before class started. (Breakfast was a granola bar.) I don't think it was half bad. It was only 4 pages, but I ended up with 5 sources, and I was trying not to fluff it up, you know? No need to practice for NaNo on my English papers. That could be bad. She actually gave as the new prompts today, so we'll get four weeks to work on it instead of just two. Thank God. I might have a couple free weekends to really work on it this time! I even know which one I want to do. It's something I've been interested in, but don't know a lot about, so I might actually enjoy the research. :)

I spoke to both Katie and Cadence today, and it's looking like we'll get to meet up either end of this week or next Friday. It could've been this Friday, but there's a Language Department picnic then that Katie and I both want to go to. I just have to get some cash for the ticket... or I could pay all in change. *grins* Either way works. 'Tis exciting. Katie is going to try to recruit people to join up with us since she knows some writer friends (or should that be fiends?) I told her about the posters, and we'll both be doing that come October. Only two more weeks!

I also mentioned about hosting a few write-ins over at Book and Bean to her, and she actually lives next door to the owners! We'll have to talk to the ML about it, but it sounds like a good bet.

Okay, so off to read Othello before work. Good day, all!
Love, Ashley

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Natasha said...

who are katie and monica? i feel very behind lol