Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I have decided to make a list at the begining of every month to help me stay on track (What track? Well, I haven't quite figured that one out yet.). I posted my list for this month, although it had only to do with GE, it's progress. Let's see what updates I can give on it.

First thing, I asked Mom about the labels, then I asked Heather about the labels, then I asked Mom again.... Finally I just figured it out on my own and we're set and going.

I have the authorization code from Heather. But I need to ask Dad what airport I'll be leaving from before I call or apply online.

Letters are printed and envelopes stuffed. They wait patiently on the table to be delivered.

I have my passport photos taken and the application filled out. Except thinking back on it, I think I forgot to fill in my SSN. I'll check on that.

I have my first order, but no baking yet. Soon.

Tetanus shot done, with no ill side effects. Just a tad bit sore.

To add to my list I need to write February's AYF bulletin and figure out this insurance thing. I'll go and add them now.



Wednesday, January 17, 2007

List for January

  • Ask Mom about labels - Done!(1-17)
  • Ask Heather about authorization for SkyPass - Done!(1-17)
  • Print letters - Done!(1-23)
  • Apply for passport - Done! (2-1)
  • Start baking - Done! (2-1)
  • Tetanus shot monday! - Done(1-23)
  • Write February's AYF insert
  • Find insurance policy number and finish that TRF



Where do I start....

A lot of stuff has been going on and I haven't posted in awhile *looks guilty*, so where do I start? What do I tell? Which parts are important?

Well, I'll tell this right off, because it's not very important, yet I love it. MacGyver. Crystal just recently bought seasons 4 and 5 and I'm still working through the 5th one.

But the more interesting and important news is my mission trip. I have $655 in my account, $25 to be sent in, Tasha's giving me money next payday, Uncle Rick and Grandma will be giving some every month, and I've started my fundraising! I'm baking for now. And Mom said that until Dad stops getting all these extra hours he's had recently, I won't have to pay for ingredients. It's their contribution. I just might make this. I'm working on passport application. Monday I'm getting my tetanus shot (fun....). I'm so excited this morning I made a list of things I need to do before this month is out. I'll post it here after this.

Last night was our first Calm My Anxious Heart discussion. It's just Mom, Crystal and I. It was good, fun. We'll be doing it every tuesday night and Crystal then spends the night.

I need to go to the library when I have time to get on and check my financial report. It tells me who gave money and how much. My computer is too darn slow.