Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall Into Reading List

This time I am not in any way editing my list once it's posted, excepting to mark when I've finished one. I'll be posting the books I've read in my sidebar, also.

And last but most definitely not least....

There's a fourth one! I'm so happy.

That's my list, and if you think that is scary, try this fact. All of these books are currently at my house. Yikes.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Last Day of Summer

And I have yet to write my reading list! Aahhhh!

*breathes deeply* Can't panic, can't panic can't.... Aahhh!

Okay, so maybe it isn't that bad. Although for a saturday this has somehow felt... hectic. Not sure why. I think I need to go away. Oh yeah, that's why I read and write. Whoops.

Really, I'm excited about Fall Into Reading. And NaNoWriMo. And everything else.

I'm just totally not in the mood to do anything today. I really need to read. It's actually a good book. I wasn't anticipating that. I just don't feel like reading it. Silly, foolish girl. I'll get over myself.

'Course first I'll have to get off the computer. *smiles*

Speaking of computers, Dad's working on getting mine up and running. Yay! This means I'll be able to do my NaNo novel upstairs. And in comfort. It's on the desk this time. (Can you say, 'Sitting for long periods of time without cramps?' *giggles*)

Well, off to procrastinate and play DF. See ya!


Thursday, September 13, 2007


No, I am not doing speech. No way. Kill me. But Crystal is.

And she can't talk. For 24 hours. We're all going to go insane.

I never knew that someone else not talking could be so difficult. We've already had multiple little sign language conversations (those letters come in handy) and one mad gab one. That was weird. But funny.

And then something weirder happened. She called me. Actually she called Mom, but she was driving and I answered. Fortunately, she didn't talk or we would have to start all over again. (Notice how I say we. Ha!) She then hung up after 24 seconds and I'm dying to know what the heck that was.

Have you ever gotten a call from a mute person? (No? That's weird. Happens to me all the time.) That's sorta what it felt like. If anyone 'over there' knows whats up, shoot me a comment, yeah?

Night y'all,


SaD Updates

I have been writing. I just haven't been posting. :D But I've decided that from now on, I won't get on the computer until I have written. Just another way to make sure I get in my writing.


"You have a daughter."


All were engaged.


He turned when no response was forthcoming.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Fall Into Reading 2007

It's finally here! I know none of you have been waiting for it! Mostly because you don't have a clue what it is!


So anyway, Fall Into Reading 2007 is yet another reading challenge hosted by Katrina at Callapidder Days. Just like the Spring Reading Thing, you basically make a list of books and read them! Simple. I like simple things. Unlike geometry.

It's fun, it's books, and there's free ones. What more could a girl (or anyone else for that matter?) want?

If you so desire you can put 1 single, lonely book on your list. You're almost guaranteed to get that done. (Wimp.) Come on, try it out with me. This will be especially interesting as I intend on participating in NaNo in the middle of it all. What a lovely way to start a not so lovely school year. (It'll level out.... I'm sure.... It's gotta.... Dang, it better!)

And speaking of Nano.... You know y'all want to....

Okay that's it for my cajoling today. I'm not especially good at it anyway.

Have a good night's sleep and may God bless your dreams.



I won't make excuses. I plain forgot. Hey I got yesterday anyway.

He had never been a steady hand with sewing.


SaD (9-9-07)

From 'Jacey and Cottar'

She panicked.


Friday, September 07, 2007

On Romance

A Random Posting from a Random Writing

I want to be romanced at some point in my life. Now, maybe I should explain what I mean by 'romance'. Some of you may think of those novels with women of the cover, mouths open and eyes closed in ecstasy at the slightest touch of their lover's huge, masculine body, layered in muscle most ordinary men will never achieve. I'm not trying to destroy your dreams here, but it's not gonna happen, sweetheart.

Well, now you know what I don't mean by romance. Let's get on to what I do mean.

What I mean by romance is simple. I want to met a nice guy who sees me in a slightly different light than the rest of the world. This 'nice guy' will then understand the commitment I've made to court and not ask me for a date and will just 'be friends'. After awhile he'll work up the courage to ask my dad to court me. I'll be sure to hide the shotgun beforehand. So in he goes to talk to my dad, nervous, sweating like a pig. (Do pigs sweat?) He comes out beaming (hopefully), and now smelling like one. He will then have to understand my no kissing deal. Eventually, he'll work up some more courage and go through the entire process again, this time to ask for my hand. He'll pop me the question and I will remind him (or will that be the other way around?) of my no kissing rule. Then comes all the planning, the wedding, et cetera, et cetera. I'm sure you get the idea.

That is my idea of romance. Very vague, but nice. Notice my lack of description of my 'nice guy'. See, I want him to love me, and other than God's approval, that's all I require. No disappointments. Don't take me wrong. I want someone I'm attracted to, but he doesn't have to be hot to get my attention. And he doesn't have to have green eyes (though it would be a bonus), no matter how much I love that color. It's pointless to argue over the unimportant details, if you're darn sure he's 'The One'.

In the end, I believe romance is sorta like books, and I don't mean the ones with the steamy hunks on the cover. Or maybe I do. But whichever way you wanna take it, don't judge anything by it's cover or you may never know what you're getting. Or what you're not.



More from my zombies (or if you prefer, flesh-eaters)

He would soon be replaced.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

From my zombie story. (yeah, maybe you shouldn't ask...)

Why did the Queen want to see him?


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School

The weekend was a blast, but also exhausting, even though I didn't do much. I got sick. As in, fever and chills, miserable weakling, sick. But it was still fun. Except for the whole, you know, doing stuff thing.

Unfortunately, that didn't add up for the best first day of school. But, hey! we all survived, right?

Ah... Right?

Yeah, of course. Anyway, it was still a good day other than that little issue with Rosetta Stone. Everybody finished everything they were supposed too... except for that walk I was supposed to take. Sshhh..

It was definately hectic. Noisy. It'll take some getting used to. All this school stuff and people again. But it's worth it.

Ich liebe Deutsch und Schule!

(I'm hoping that's right. *grins*)




From 'Jacey and Cottar'

He closed the gap slowly.

I admit it, I didn't write everyday I was gone, but I had an excuse....