Thursday, September 03, 2009

Life Group

I went to my Life Group tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. :) Of course, there were only four of us tonight, but still. It was like girl talk but with Christian girls. How refreshing!

Okay, so it wasn't all girl talk. Allison read some of Matthew 25, the part when the Son of Man divides the sheep from the goats, "Whatever you did for the least of these...", etc. So we talked about helping "the least of these", even when we really didn't want too, and who has been like that to us. It seemed very appropriate, because that very thing has been coming up a lot lately it seems like. The only problem is how to help. I really just don't know! Maybe I'll talk to Mom some this weekend.

All in all, it was great. I'm really glad I screwed up my courage and went. :) And Allison said she was willing to give me a ride to her church! I miss church. I'm happy, but I really should read "Everyman".


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Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Looking forward to the weekend.
By the way, your question yesterday was definitely valid.