Monday, August 31, 2009

Took us long enough....

But we finally finished the roommate agreement last night. Only three days late! Tess didn't even yell at us or anything.

Yes, we are so accomplished. *rolls eyes*

So, we totally ate chocolate and worked on this at like 9 at night, 'course it was seven when we started planning, but honestly, we aren't the snappiest bunch around. o.O

But still, one more thing scratched off the list.

And how many more added? Let's see, I finally started reading The Decameron last night, which is very good since I need to write at least two essays about it before next week. *gulps* And we got our prompts for our first English essay. She tells us to pick the one that no one else wants to do, but how the heck do I know which one that is? Well, at least German went well today. And the homework doesn't look too hard. Did you know that in German the indirect object can come before the verb and subject? Yeah, neither did I.

History-121 have I in an hour and a half (See, it just sounds wierd in English.), so I have time to read my English and maybe some German. Then tonight I have work. Meh. I'll survive.

Other thinks to do tonight:
Go to Walgreens and get some freakin' batteries!
Show Liz conversion technique (so I don't have to stay up to midnight giving instructions :\ )

Thinks to do.... in this lifetime:
Work on scholarship essays
Finish Gingham Mountain
Visit the library
e-mail Tasha
Find fellow WriMos!

Okay, I'll stop procrastinating now. *grins*


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Post Visitation Lassitude

I have a severe case. For supper I ate Lucky Charms with soy milk and an apple. Amazing the things you miss, eh? Anyway, I suppose I'll get over it quickly enough. I'll have work and school to keep me busy the rest of the week and then it's Labor Day! Thank God for holidays. I wouldn't survive without them.

So I got the rough draft of my German phone conversation down. I'm not sure that the grammar makes any sense, but hey, what I got's, I got's. Now I just have to try to polish it up some. At least he didn't specify a length to it. It's the small things, yeah?

*wanders off humming: "Magic makes the monster sleepy....*

*wanders back, still humming* P.S. I really want to see "9" now. :D


I need a black fedora. And maybe a guidebook to German.


Friday, August 28, 2009

It's the Weekend!

And the homework isn't too hard, so I am set! I talked to my German professor Stephen Hollender today, and I think I'll do okay in the class I'm in without dropping down a level, for which I am very glad. We did lose a couple students, but I think where we are now is a good place for me to pick up. And part of my German homework is a crossword puzzle. *grins* It's already half done, 'cause I was working on it while talking to Mom and Crystal this afternoon in between classes. I love crosswords. I love German. :)

I get to see people tomorrow! Yet another amazing delight of the weekend. People that I know you see. Mom and Dad and Crystal and possibly Nathan are coming to see me. Which makes me feel slightly guilty, but incredibly happy.

I plugged in my speakers today, which also makes me happy, because it was just in time to hear Family Force 5's "D-I-E 4 Y-O-U". Love that song. It's even better with good speakers!

I also got my calculator today. It was kinda wierd, because it came with like this wristband and a random and one of those paper-thin plastic rulers and some coupons! It was very strange. But whatever, they were very prompt, not to mention cheap, so I'm happy. *smiles*

Okay, my brain is totally phasing out, so I'm going to go find something less thought-intensive and then do some homework.

Auf Wieder...sprechen?

P.S. I 'membered the other thing I wanted to say! I plotted for NaNoWriMo last night (yes, while procrastinating on homework), so now I'm all raring to go. Only... two months? EEEeeee!
Gah, it's storming again. :P

P.P.S. Oh my gosh, they have web badges!!! *is sooooo excited* Look! (Clicky here.)
It's been a good day, if you can't tell. My brain is easily distractable.

P.P.P.S. (Hey, Crystal, this remind you of something?) Scroll down, I'm showing my pride in the sidebar!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The only problem with my amazing job is that my hands stink like latex. I've finally found a good use for Warm Vanilla lotion!

Math is totally going to kill me.

RadioU is a life saver. Or sanity saver. Whatever. Thank God in Heaven for wireless internet and live streaming.




So last night was the first Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU.) meeting. They actually had a free cookout beforehand, which drew a lot of people. Freshmen, free food.... Yeah, they go together. It was good food too.

But the food was not why I am going to go every week. Mainly because they don't have food every week. *grins* It's the people, and the service. Oh my gosh, I did not realize how much I needed that until I got there. I totally cried on my walk back to the dorm, just because I was so happy. Even though this week has been going really well, it's been extremely stressful. CRU is just such a beautiful way to unwind.

I also signed up for a Life Group, which is just a little Bible study. They have a lot of them all over campus and on different nights, so there's no excuse not to join one! The one I signed up for is Thursday evenings which I think will work well for me. And I really need to do this, to stay involved.

Okay, I need to read Oedipus before history class starts, so I'm going to run. Post again soon!



Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day

Gosh, I am tired and sore! But happy! So, here goes.

I woke up at like seven for, well, no particular reason. So I got up and ready and sat around for a few minutes watching Liz rush around. She had a 8:15 class. Then I got moving and went over to Lang to sign my papers. I met some of the Lang ladies who are all really nice, and had breakfast. Then I meandered over to the CyberCafe and got on the computer for while before heading for my first class.

All the professors I met today seemed really nice and helpful so that's good. And my history prof is snarky to boot, so it will make for some entertaining lectures for sure. My English workshop and my German class are both discussion classes, and you are expected to talk! In English that's a major part of your grade. And in German, well, he just asks you a question in German and you get to try to answer it!

Once I got back to the dorm, I only had about twenty minutes to sit and cool off before heading off to the kitchen, 'cause I got stuck in the bookstore for like a half hour trying to buy some Blue Books for history class. At least they were cheap.

So I headed over to Lang and met some more people, including a couple other work study students, Andrew, who's apparently been there forever *grins*, and Jon, who's a freshman that I've met before. I'm not sure if I'll be working with them any other days than Monday, but we'll see! Anyway, we sat down and ate right away. All the food was ready, but the dining hall doesn't officially open til 4:30, I think. There were a couple of people down there anyway, so if I'm right about the time, they aren't real strict. Then I got to help Carmen and Peg alot of the time, with a few random jobs in between. I'll get introduced to my "real" job tomorrow, which is helping with salad prep. Lang makes the salads for their dining hall and the Union so I imagine there's a lot to do. The lady I'll be working with wasn't in this evening (Kathy, I think?), so that's why I was sort of doing odd jobs. Whatever. I'll find out more tomorrow!

Okay, I'm really tired, but luckily, I don't have hardly any homework yet! So I'm going to finish reading my English assignment and collapse!



Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Job!!

I have a job! I am so excited. I got the phone call right before I was about to leave for lunch, and afterwards I ran down the stairs chanting, "Thank God, thank God, thank God...." And then I called Mom on my walk to the Union. YaY! So happy.

I am working in Food Services, namely food prep, and I'm not working at the Union but over at Lang Hall, which is the only res hall with a dining hall in it. And it's just across the street which is really nice, especially for the evening shifts. I'm working Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-9:30 and Monday and Wednesday 4:00-7:00. Haha, and that's four free meals a week! I'll be working 9 hours a week then, not too much, but enough to give me something to do and money. It starts Monday, so I might as well get used to getting up early!

I'm making some potential friends, so that's good. There's Grace, of course, from orientation. Then there's her roommate Carly, and their suitemate.... and I can't remember her name! But we all started talking after the Convocation yesterday, and so I met Kaeli, Dominique, and a couple other girls, and we talked for a few hours.

Yeah, there was nothing to do yesterday. *grins* I think the only things I need to do tomorrow are go to church and the involvement fair. And nothing else.

Gosh, I can't wait til Monday.


P.S. Nathan, I really hope to never see that picture in my life. :)
P.P.S. Hehe, I just won a book, but, Mom, I gave her my home address. It's Mary Connealy's newest, so if you want to open and read it, that's fine. *grins* Wow, this has been a good day.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Settled In

Everyone, hello from Berea, Ohio! I'm sitting in my dorm room on the top bunk (and liking it, surprisingly), typing this after a rather hectic day so far. Fortunately there's only supper and a game night this evening so I can hang out and cool off.

It's quiet just now because my roomies, Kristen and Liz, went off exploring the dorm with a couple of friends, but they're both very nice, and I think we'll get along all right. Thank God, eh?

We have this huge, beautiful bank of windows on one wall that we all adore, not least because it has a nice view of the field. Heh. Fortunately it faces in a north-westerly direction, so we won't get early morning sunshine in our eyes.

All the freshmen took a class picture today, which we all felt ridiculous doing, because we're all squinting into the sun up at a guy with a camera up in a cherry-picker. And to make it all just humiliating, we were lined up to form a B-W. Yeah, I know, it was bad. :)

Tonight at 9, we have a meeting with our RA, so that will probably be informative.

Tomorrow will be a busy day too, with lots of optional things in the morning and evening. And of course I have to go talk to people in College Relations about work study. *gulps* Now if only we could figure out when the cafeteria opens for breakfast...

Miss you all already! Lots of love...