Tuesday, August 22, 2006


According to reports at the forum signing up for The Circle will not get me points if someone uses my number. I wonder what the code space is there for?... 8/

Anyway... back to life as we know it...


I'm Alive!

I have survived the first day of school! Which is amazing considering how loud it was half of the time. I'll have to get used to all the people again. Yesterday evening Mom and I just sat there and did nothing after they left. It took a bit to get some momentum goin'.

Today we didn't have school because we went to a funeral. Dad's Aunt Helen died friday (I believe) and calling hours and funeral were all today. Tasha and I came back early and didn't go to the graveside service. Richard and Holly came with us.

I'm so excited about my German! 'Tis such fun. I planned on doing some today but... I'm running low on time. After I get off the computer I have to do 4 music lessons and finish it up quick. I didn't have the chance sunday. Nathan, Crystal, Uncle Rick, Holly, Chet and Richard were all over, Richard spent the night and then I stayed up til midnight to finish this book. Letter Perfect by Cathy Marie Hake. What, I was desperate.

I finally sent an e-mail out to the loop. I actually figured the solution out saturday day night in bed. (The best time to solve problems.) But I haven't been on, too busy. I'm glad to be back though. Very glad. And maybe I'll get some responses on this venture.

Gosh, I feel like I should be saying more, but I don't know what. Plus, I have this feeling like I'm forgeting something important....

Oh well. See ya 'round, y'all



Thursday, August 17, 2006

End of Silence

Total double meaning there.

1. I bought End of Silence today. Yes, Red's debut cd. And it's absolutely wonderful. I listened to the whole thing while sitting in the van outside the chiropractor's office. For and hour and a half. I also read a couple chapters in Tom Sawyer and sat there doing nothing. (Hey, I'm proud. Considering how lethargic I've been since yesterday, reading 2 chapters and doing 2 music lessons is an amazing accomplishment. I'm blaming it all on starting my HTP again.) But moving on.

2. The other End of Silence is a more personal one. School. Now don't get me wrong. I'm dying for school to begin. (I'm not being sarcastic here.) I'm just not looking forward to everything that comes with it. AKA the noise. I tolerate, if not enjoy it most times. But it can get to a body. Very easily sometimes. I'm just praying I'll deal ok. I'm starting A Young Woman After God's Own Heart on monday. Figured I'd need it. Mom bought it for me back at CHEO, but I didn't actually receive it until last monday (the 7th).

I cherish that Silence and I do not look forward to the End. But hopefully my other Silence, Red's Silence and God's Silence will get me through.

Music and God, yes, most times together. That'll get me through. It always has, always will.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What have I DONE?!!!

I just typed and entered my 25th post on the Circle forum.


Have I lost Lurker status? What will I do? I'll be lost without it! To never return to my dear Lurkdom with it's murky waters and anonymity. To never sink beneath the surface and only come up to breathe once a blue moon. The precious lurkers, we know and see all. Beware the lurkers. They will rule. We know the people but the people do not know us. Creates for some interesting situations. *grins*

Will the Lurkers accept me back in their waters? For that matter will they ever know I'm gone to begin with? *blinks twice*

On other news, I edited Keepers today. I need to update the blog now. And type some more of it in. I only have 8 typed pages, I bet there's 15 worth in the notebook. Hmph.

Well, on and in.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How it Works

(At least as best as I can figure it out.)

Through a complex trial-and-error process with Crystal, I (well, we) have deduced a few things.

1. The Read Ted? site only signs you up for the e-mail updates. And gives you access to the rest of the Saint comic. Nothing else. But it does get me a point. Happy.

2. If you register on the message boards, there is a place to put a code, though it is not necessary. (My code is FG4YV3. Hint.) This also gets me a point.

3. No confirmation is necessary. gerrard says they'll look at the results of this time and see if they think it's necessary next time.

That's all I know, so don't look at me.



I've posted on the BotB forum and the DK forum, but I just don't know what to do with the ACFW loop! How do I start this conversation out of nowhere?! Especially when I rarely post to begin with. I'm going to have to pray on this one. A lot.

I'm very happy because I helped someone today! The_Hunter e-mailed me to take me up on my offer of adding guard numbers to PDFs for anyone who coudn't/didn't want to. I did something for someone! Woo-hoo!

If anyone had ideas... well, ya know where to leave 'em.



Monday, August 14, 2006


Here's to the internet. And links.

Saint Graphic Novel Intro

Have at y'all. Have fun.



Something to Cheer the Day

Something to make me a little happier anyway. Leisha Kelly's site is up and goin'! And the title of the third Tahn book has been announced. The Scarlet Trefoil. Hoo-boy, I can't wait. But wait I must.

Dad and Tasha just got home. I haven't seen Tasha, haven't left the computer yet. They'll be eating.

And... I believe that my e-mail just came! Yes, the e-mail. But I'm reading a couple of others that just came first so give me a minute and let me see.




(Stupid Yahoo! Come on, load!)


*growls long and low*


*hums vague tunes*


And we are GOOD TO GO!

Lock and load, baby. Lock and load.


Tasha's Accident

God, it's becoming an epidemic.

On the way home from work, Tasha stopped at Save-A-Lot to pick up some taco shells. Apparently someone pulled out in front of her. She called Dad. Dad headed over. When mom called to see why he was late (around 1730) he said he was on the way and that Tasha had had an accident. I knew it was something bad. Could hear it in Mom's voice. Mom and I ate. Tasha called and talked to Mom. They prayed. Dad called.

It was a semi. The car seems to be totaled but Tasha is just cuts and bruises. God is obviously with us. Of all the days....

Always shine,


It has Begun

The Invasion has begun. The gates are open. And the world is utterly defenseless and unprepared.

Okay, so officially we haven't been sent an e-mail saying that it's begun (the numbers are active). But how can you pass up such a beautiful oppurtunity?! So I gave the link at the BotB forum. I couldn't resist. And as it's hopefully starting up today (sometime...) there was no logical reason not to. willynate has said that he has gotten the e-mail and has reported 5 sign-ups (and therefore 5 points). I don't really know what to think as no one else has said anything. I really wish gerrardfan would get on and help us out. We may be pretty self-sufficient and running but we don't know everything.

Soon, my precious, soon we shall overcome. ... And rule!


Today is The Day

I'm actually excited about this. I'm going to help spread the word about Dekker's newest book and that could change lives. I'm waiting impatiently with the rest at the forums for the activation e-mails. Then I'll post on the DK forum, maybe the BotB forum, e-mail the ACFW loop. I'll e-mail Dad too, I'm thinking maybe Nathan. He reads Frank Peretti. We're supposed to be recruiting new fans too right? I could try Tasha but I don't think it'd work. I'm considering Crystal. (She's read the Blessed books.) Even though she's considered reading the Circle Trilogy, she hasn't and I don't know that she would be interested in reading Saint.


Wait for it, wait for it...


Sunday, August 13, 2006


It's amazing how things can change your perspective. And so easily. Us humans, so easily influenced. I'm not sure if that is encouraging or not.

We started on Moses's "let My people go" saga today in sunday school. After reading Sorcerer by James Byron Huggins, suddenly it all looks different. And it makes me wonder, it makes me think.

And it also reminds me of a song. Huh. It's by Kutless but I don't know the name. I'll find it later.

I have to go make cheesecake crust, so ... later?



Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's Up

I am a freakin' genius. Look at this! I have got up the PDF with my guard number. I'm brilliant. And all this afternoon too. If there's someone really reading this, I would just beg one favor. If you're gonna sign up don't do it til the guard numbers get activated, please. It should be the 14th, monday. But I'll be telling either way. This is amazing! Thank God.

The Guard will Rule!

Hold on to your hats, we're on our way.


NO! It... it can't.

I have finished reading The Wilderking Trilogy. I finished this morning, but I've been having fun on the internet. I have been keeping up very well with all the posts on the FG forum. And I edited a PDF file with Photoshop all by my lonesome! Amazing. currently I'm writing this post, downloading the Guard intro video and keeping tabs on the FG forums. Oh yes, and playing with Blogger Help. Love that thing.

Ah, but the post title, you're probably wondering, What the heck? Yes. That is to do with the Trilogy. Rogers can't just end like that. There needs to be more books! Not that the ending is bad or anything. There just... ach!, needs to be more! It's to good a story and characters not too! But he likely won't. *sighs*

So I play with my new friends in the FG to comfort myself. So much better than comfort food.

Wow, this is taking awhile to write this post. I'm doing too many things at once I guess. Soon I'll link to the PDF and give out my Guard #. I'm working on that right now too.

To all the feechies at heart!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Maybe I should do this more often.

Really, you'll never believe what all I accomplished today simply because I have nothing else to do. And will die if I do nothing.

Was downstairs and ready to go a little before 800. Took a walk for around 820 to 840. Talked to a guy from North Robinson who was mowing for the county. Nice guy, odd conversation. So get back home. Do one lesson in music. (Love finishing subjects before school even starts. And this is why we love homeschooling.) Hung out laundry (the towels). (This is the unbelievable one.) I finished my current comp assignment. (!) Now on to the next one. *gags* I hang out more laundry (work clothes). Typed up recipes to send out to people. Typed up transcript beginings for us schoolmates still in school. Made a batch of peanut butter cookies. Made good progress on my planbook. Did a second music lesson. And somewhere in there I've gone on my internet rounds 3 times. Incuding all the posts in the new FG forum. I now have two hours till Dad comes home. (He has some stops to make. Library of course and Wal-Mart I think.)

I'm proud of myself.

Mom went to a moms thing at the Off Center Cafe and said she'd be back between 4 and 5. I need to start the chicken if she's not back in time, prolly around quarter till 5. I originally thought I'd start reading at 4, but if Dad's not getting back til 530, but then I might have to fix supper... *grabs a pillow and screams*

See, I stopped off reading Bog Owl last night after chapter 17. (Wait, let me run see how many chapters there are.) There's 27 chapters and an epilogue. That gives me 10 chapters to read (and an epilogue *grins*). I'm a horrible estimater and have no idea how long it will take me to read it. I guess I'll start a little after 4. Hmph. I'll try to convince myself that it's not the end. It's just a pause, an intermission ... of about 2 seconds as I tear off to the door and franticly rip Swamp King out of Dad's hands.

I'll make it. I have recipes I can type up and music lessons to do.

To the books of the world and all desperate waiting involved.

(Seriously, this is fun. Try it some time.)



Tuesday, August 08, 2006

*Sings* "It's a Beautiful Day..."

So many happy things today! Well, we went to the movies, John Tucker Must Die. Not all but half bad! Crystal spent the night last night and we stayed up really late. Just ask Tasha. And...

The Forest Guard site is up! And the forum. I'm so excited. Next week I get to start Mission Saint. I'll be sure to post my guard number and the PDF file of the comic book (if I can figure out how, that is).

The Y thing was canceled. God forgive me, but I'm rejoicing inside. Mrs. Shackle asked us to help next week, but we can't. Tasha has her eye appointment and we're all going to the library. *sighs quietly with relief* The circumstances around it aren't that great though. Mrs. Sherer is sick (I think, I might have heard that wrong) and Bethany had an allergic reaction to the chlorine in the pool the other kids threw her into last night. (Adam had a bonfire.) She told them before, but they did it anyway. (Sometimes I don't understand my own generation.) Tasha came home early last night for that reason. She was trying to stop them and got a wee bit upset. Bethany had to go to the emergency room. *sighs*

Moving on to more pleasant topics. You'll never guess what I'm getting tomorrow. To read. From the library. (Okay, so you might be able to guess.)

Yes, yes, yes! The Secret of the Swamp King! It's currently In Transit. (Actually let me check. One moment please. And yes, I know I'm obsessive. You don't have to tell me.) Yup, still Transit. Along with my other two books. I just love it when everything cooperates like this. Dark Fathom is one of the ones on hold. It's been on hold since December. Yes, December. It's been in processing since December. I'm glad they finally got it moving. My hold expires next month.

Well, back off to reading The Bark of the Bog Owl. (Yes again. What do you think I am, some sort of monster?! *mumbles to self* Not re-reading a book before reading the sequels... heathens!)


Friday, August 04, 2006


Yeah, fun. *rolls eyes* Hey, at least I got a binder. *grin* It's all full up of online serials. Sure didn't take long. Just maybe two more.... and I should be good! For a while anyways.

I need my book! *weeps* 1.5 hours left. I don't think I can make it. I'm going to, I don't know, pass out!

But to pass the time you must check out this. I love these! It's amazing how many talented people are out there with stories like these to tell. Publishers take note! Authors in the making over at the forum! (I for one would buy books like these, knowing they're clean: priceless.)

Waiting impatiently for the world to end,


If I can survive...

I'll get to read The Way of the Wilderking! It's sitting upstairs in my bedroom at this moment, begging to be read. Seriously, I can hear it if I listen hard enough.

Dad brought it home last night, but sadly, the second one isn't in yet. (Do not worry. I'm checking my library account, like, every five minutes. I'm sure they love me.) So I wait. I don't plan on starting the next book in my pile until 16:30. Then I'll have the whole weekend to finish it, without worrying that I might have three books glaring at me from the endtable as I hurry to finish it. I'll have three whole days. I should be fine.

But that book had better come today! I'm slowly wilting. Believe it or not, I'm already done with my chores because I had nothing better to do and was trying to stay away from the computer for a few minutes anyway. I've actually prayed that it would come today. Normally I'm not that frivolous, but I figure I need it.

Here's why. Mom and Dad have volunteered us for this thing at the Y. Only one time (it's almost over anyway) but I don't handle these things well. It's sorta like a backyard Bible school program. It's starts at 10 (on tuesday) and should end somewhere between 11:30 and 12. Lots of kids and nowhere to run. Lots of kids as in around 40. I'll try to give an account on tuesday. If I'm still alive and capable of typing. (You know, not at the hospital in a coma or anything.)

Then again. Maybe it would be better if it came in tuesday. Then I would have something to bury myself in to cover up the horror of the experience as it wears off. Three books oughta do it. I hope.

To all you out there who've ever had to wait for something. I feel for you.

Shine like Stars,