Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Hey all!
I was going to bring the letters you sent me with me to the internet cafe, but I didn't have time (or will, tired of stairs!) to go up and get them. So I'll just try my best.
First of all, I love and miss you so much! Mom and Tasha, you have no idea how much I love the fact that you cleaned my room. :-D Sorry 'bout the spider webs.
Okay, I just went blank. I have no idea what to say! Today was our free day, and it was absolutely exhausting. I did take a total of 3 pictures today, so you should be VERY proud of me. I'm afraid I'm not a picture person. ;) But, we played a ton of Mad Gab on the bus and a lively game of Mafia. Tursten was the funniest mafia player I have ever met.
On saturday we have a basketball tourney. Not real sure what I'll be doing, but I really hope it's not playing! On sunday we leave by bus for Munich. I've heard that it will take anywhere from 10 to 15 hours, so I'm not real sure, but it will be long. I'm thinking monday we will be going to Dachau (I love saying that.).
Give Griffin a balated birthday from me. ^_^ And I didn't forget my belt. You must've found my other one. It's a good thing I didn't forget it too. During the falling to the ground thing, the pants tend to slide down a bit and with Jordan right behind me.... Awkward.
I can't wait to see you all again, but I am having so much fun! Hopefully I'll be able to write you in Germany, but we'll see.
Love, Ashley
P.S. I hope I didn't forget anything that I really wanted to tell you, but I'm sure I have. Just know that I love you and will tell you EVERYTHING sometime.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm alive

Dear Family and Friends,
I am in POLAND!! AI!!! It's amazing.
We did our first ministry last night. All the GE half of our ministry team is on the drama and I love it so much! We're doing a drama called Freedom, which is basically about a girl who is struggling to find God. Satan tempts her with alcohol (that would be me and Katie) and we party, but then she gets sick. So tries money next, but it doesn't work either. Finally a boyfriend comes along, but in the end he just uses her and throws her away. The whole time Jsus is just beckoning to her and finally he's had enough. He takes the chain off of her (Satan's been using it to drag her around) and puts it on himself. Satan yanks him into the demons (also me) and we beat him up, absolutely gleeful the Jesus is dead. But then he resurrects (and this is where it gets painful). The demons are thrown back and then cast out. It is an awesome drama, but all the demons and the girl have some very painful bruises. :)
The dance training was very cool, but fortunately the Jesus Revolution half of our team is doing it, because I still suck at it. ;) We'll get more training on the later. Most of us have gotten over the soreness of all the training, thank God.
Today, as Sunday, was sort of a free day. We went to church, (very long walk) and then explored the old city. It was interesting, even if I was almost dead on my feet. The ice cream is AWESOME! And a plus, lights out is at 2230 tonight. Yes!
I am having so much fun. Please keep praying, especially as we try to speak to people after the drama in the street meetings. I miss you all so much. See you in three weeks! Love you!
P.S. Please send this to anyone you want. I didn't want to bother with it. (Saw toe rings today, Tasha. Thought of you. Love you.)


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

4 MORE DAYS!!!!!

It's so close, I can feel it! Yeah, buddy! I am ready to go! (Oh, except for this little thing called packing, but let's not spoil the mood, hmm?)

Okay, but seriously, in all other respects, I am ready. Everything is bought and payed for. I have over $100 extra that I can use for whatever I can possibly think of. Tomorrow, I will buy a set of headphones (hopefully good ones) and a internation phone card and I'm good. I'll start packing friday.... finish saturday.... stuff in the last couple of things sunday morning....

*sighs* Yup, it's gonna be good. Let's see what I can tell you, since you, unfortunately, won't be hearing from me for a month. On sunday morning, we'll go to the Columbus airport and get on a flight to the Washington D.C. Dulles airport (yes, my first flight, ever!) then we will (if all goes as it should) be picked up at baggage claim and taken to concourse B, the Air France counter where we will meet the rest of the team. At 1020 all of us will finally be leaving Washington for.... Paris! Even with my 4 hour layover (I'm in Group 2, with the longer layover waits) I doubt I'll get to see any of that though. Still...

So we'll arrive in Warsaw, Poland on July 9 at approximately 1815. I'm not certain about Germany, but in Poland I know we will be working with a European group, Jesus Revolution. I am so hyped!

Pray for me, please!