Monday, May 29, 2006

X-Men, again

Ooh goodie. I've got a new obsession. Guess.

Yeah. X-Men. Hoo-ah. I spent all morning checking out fanlistings. Love those things for some reason. *shrugs* I'm going to drive myself out of my mind, but at this point I don't really care. It will happen though. Watch.

Right now I'm checking out Nightcrawler's fanlisting. (Multitasking is a wonderful thing, ah?) Reading quotes. Seriously, this is fun. Now I need beyond the movies. Without my family staring at me oddly preferably.... We'll check out the library.

I didn't realize the Kurt was German. Don't know how I missed that, but it's sweet. He's got a tail and he's German, what more could I possibly want? (See, now I'm ranting.) But then again, he doesn't have claws....

I'm going to end up with all these little posts about nothing in particular. But hey, I don't care. Do you?


Saturday, May 27, 2006


That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Okay, so that's probably a bit dramatic. But still, that was awesome. I'm going to have to go see it again when it moves to dollar. I don't even have words. If only I actually had money.... *sigh* I wanna see it again! I need another one. I'm officially 'come addicted. I don't think I'm going to make it. Something's going to just run over.

Oh dear. I need help. I'll probably end up writing a whole series of papers on this. I've already have three. Love speculations. Hehe. I'm still trying to figure out possible ways to kill Wolverine. I might get a good one. Never know, ah?

Wolverine is unnatural. In a cool way, but still unnatural. If they had given him the cure it would have been almost impossible for him to survive. He would still have all his adamantium. Painful.

Oh, I have to go. I'm getting too jittery. *grins*


Friday, May 26, 2006

Birthday! and, oh yeah, X-Men

I'm 15! Boo yah.

Dad should be able to go to X3 tonight, so I'm happy. I'm dying though. 5 more hours and I'll be there.... *sigh* I can't even write, there's too much. (I didn't have that problem last night though....) I'm going to explode all over the place.

Nathan and Crystal (schoolmates) are coming tonight for supper. And recipes (don't ask). Tasha gets off work at 5. So hopefully we'll be eating at 5:15. Eat cake, rip through presents *evil laugh* and run out the door. X-Men: The Last Stand starts at 6:30. LT is going early to buy tickets, but we do want seats together. Ooh, I can't wait.

Actually, until Tuesday I had never seen all of X-Men or X2. I had seen part of X-Men on tv a long time ago. From the begining to the part where Wolverine goes flying through the windshield. (Call me mean, I love that part.) I saw part of X2 sunday. Dad had recorded it friday (we were kicked out of the house) and had started watching it. I didn't see the begining though and Dad accidently cut off before the end. So tuesday Dad brought home the first two. We watched the first one that night. Wednesday Tasha wanted to watch X-Men. Figured she needed to see it if she was going to watch X3. After supper we started. Dad come home later than usual that night, we were probably half-way through. Next thing you know we were watching X2. Thursday Richard rode his bike over, so he was later than usual. He decided he needed to refresh his memories of the movies. So he started X-Men. I, of course, watched also. *grins* We only got about 50 minutes into it before his grandma picked him up for his haircut. (YES!) He took both movies with him. He's threatening to watch them again today. Not that I mind.

So that is my complete history of the X-Men. Rather sudden, isn't it? But most definately enjoyable.

All enjoy your movies tonight! (If you're not seeing it, you need help.)



Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dad's Accident

What a way to ruin a day. At least it didn't happen tomorrow. That would have been the worst of all deals. See, tomorrow's my birthday. And we're going to see X3. Hopefully, Dad's still going too. He says, "As long as I can still move." God willing. It means a lot to me.

On the way to work this morning, Dad ran a stop sign. He doesn't know what he was thinking, what happened really. Another car rammed into the passenger side. In the other car was 12 year old girl and her dad. So they strapped my dad and the girl down and shipped them off to the ER. The girl's dad was fine, apparently, but the girl did not have her seat-belt on.

Dad has a puncture wound in his right leg and a very sore chest from the seat-belt, but otherwise fine. The girl they were worried about but she seems to be doing okay. No broken bones, just some scrapes and bruises. Painful ones no doubt, but scrapes and bruises none the less.

Dad's home now. Everybody's been calling and Dad sent out an e-mail to let everyone know that he is still alive. But it's hard anyway. Mom keeps thinking about what would have happened if he died.

I just wanna enjoy my birthday tomorrow. I hope no one thinks me selfish. If anyone reads this, please pray.



Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm exposed

I have been found! Someone has visited my blog. A few someones actually. The real question: Did they really read something? *blinks rapidly* What do I do? Suggestions? (Ok, now I'm just fishing.) I don't care. I don't think. I don't think I care. Hmm. Now I've confused myself. *sigh* It never goes away.

So, my sister, Tasha, was listening to Nickelback. (She likes them, who knew?) I was with her in her car and I heard this song. It's called Someday. I like it, but it seemed so hopeless in a way. I decided then that I would pray for them. Everybody can use a little a'that, ah? So I checked out their website, got their names, and I'm good to go. And all of a sudden (as in, right now) I'm having the urge to write them a letter. Am I just weird? Probably, but I might just do it...

I like Nickelback's sound. He has a good voice, unique. Unfortunately for me, there happens to be some profanity. I can't stand cussing in my music. But I can see how they made it. And they'll go farther, I think.

Ah, the randomest things...

I got two birthday presents today. Never saw that coming. My grandma gave me this zipper fleece thing that I've really been wanting, so that's cool. Although the other part, well. Let's not go further. Gerry came over today also and dropped off a brithday card for me. (Gerry sort of adopted us. *shrug*) It had a $25 gift card for Wal-Mart in it. I'm rich! I now have $30. *grin* I can go on a shopping spree.

I don't have very big shopping sprees.

My birthday is friday. I'll be 15. Six months and you better run for high ground. I'm hitting the road, baby. *silently freaks* Hopefully I'll have some more money after my birthday. Then I can buy books. (My not-so-secret secret vice.) Ooh, and some cd's. Hehe. And I really do need jeans.... Oh, dear. This might become problematic.

Shine always


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Obsessions anyone?

I have discovered a new game! Dang.

It's called Legend of the Green Dragon. Apparently the point is to kill the green dragon, but, guess, I'm not high enough yet. We'll see. I just hope I don't become too obsessed. Computer game obsessions annoy me.

Naturally, I love my other obsessions. I have had quite a few too. They all leave their marks. Remnants of stories to prove my interest. Writings of little sense to anyone else. And sometimes even grander projects. I won't tell you what I did with Lord of the Rings. Still hope to finish one day, actually.

But someday I'll leave it all behind and then what? Go on without the memories? I don't think I could. The memories, those remnants, will always stay. Always haunt me, and sometimes, maybe, I'll be drawn all over again.

The games I hope never do that. No offense intended to all you gamers out there, it's just not for me. I enjoy it, but it troubles me at night somehow.

Oh well. I'll live through it, my stages of life. Sometimes my stories do this to me too. Just not quite like this, I guess. I'm staying off the games for today. Reading. *sigh* Wonderful, dear to my heart books. I finished The Visitation earlier and I plan to start Madman as soon as I'm done with this. No games. Sorry.

With all love,


Monday, May 15, 2006

Stories of Mine

I was rather sick yesterday (don't worry, it's not contagious), bad headache, generally aching, and very, very tired. Today I'm better, not achy, not tired. No, I seem to be doing fine. Other than the fact that I can't process anything that I read. Sorta problematic considering I'm supposed to be doing history. Mom's going easy on me though and I hope to be better able to read all about Lysander, as Plutarch puts him.

I have a character named Lysander. He's a Spartan too. (Ironic, I know.) I like that one. *sigh* 'Course I like all of my characters and stories. There's sure enough of them. Let me introduce you.

Ryn and Jamie are my main ones. The story that I really want to get out there, know? Kathryn Danian Brooks Conan and dear James Conan. He doesn't a middle name yet. I'm not sure that he ever will, really. They are keepers. Keepers of the Systems, type keepers. James is a healer and Ryn is a master. That's the most basic information. But perhaps we should start earlier.

Ryn is born and raised in 17th century Scotland. Her best friend is Caleb. Kathryn is... special. And the only one of her family who excepts her that way is her father. The rest of her family rather... avoids her. The reason they do that is that strange things happen around her. They don't want to be associated with her. And her eyes turn purple when those "things" happen. Then the worst thing that could possibly happen, happens.

Her father dies. She's only 15 and the same day her father is buried, Caleb disappears.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm back! (Oh, is that a good thing?...)

As you can see, it's been awhile...(oops). I haven't really been busy, just not well, here. I rediscovered RuneScape. I'm still not sure whether or not to classify that as a "good thing".

One good thing I know for sure, it that school is almost done! I will be glad beyond all reasoning when my "schoolmates" are gone. Although undoubtedly, I will miss them. Strange how these things work. Mom was talking to us all about next year's schooling. Asking us questions, etc. to try to figure out what we want. I am officially starting German next year. Yes! Boo-yah. There is also the possibility of me starting drum lessons. Gotta admit, never saw that one coming. And here I was all good, ready to lay that'un aside. Except at concerts, of course. Simply can't help it there, seeing the drummers on stage having all that fun.

So that's my happy news. But wait! there's more....

I.... WON! I was shocked. Blown out of the water. I got 46 out of 47 questions right! 'Course, three others got all of them right and had to have a tiebreaker. But I don't care. I won a poster. I need one for my poor bare walls, see. When my room finally gets finished. Which it will this summer. It will.

Hmmm.... What other news can I randomly post on the internet, on a site no one visits and no one knows? Hoo-oo. This could be good...

But no, I won't. I'm not that mean. So this means I'm gone.

See y'all later. Or, no, make that sooner.