Monday, July 31, 2006

I am so aggravated. I wrote a post yesterday and just now realized that for some random reason it has disappeared into the nether (or is that ether *shrugs*). Sometimes I hate blogger. I really wish I could get that back though.


Better luck to you


Finally, it's Done

Yes, it's done, I submitted my application to Mission-0101: Saint. I have made my decision. Wanna guess what it is? Come on.. I love these games.

Okay, okay, fine, I'll tell you.... tomorrow? (I just love playing with myself.)

Today, fine.

PDF version, I chose. Of course, I immediately regretted my decision, but it was too late! It was off, sent somewhere into the deep realm of cyberspace that roam everyday. See, I belong here, I made a wise choice.

I know that if I had chose the physical I would have regretted it too. So it doesn't really matter. I'll just leave it up to God. Whatever they send me, that's what I'll do. It did say "if you had to choose..." so it may not be definite.

Either way I wait impatiently for, first August 7th, then the 14th. The 7th is when the FG website and section on the forum both open. The 14th is when further instructions arrive.

Long couple of weeks.

But then I also have those books I'm waiting for... supposed to take two to four weeks... this thursday makes two.... SOON!

And to make things absolutely beeauutiful, school starts th 21st! I think I just fell in love with August.


And if you're reading this, pray for everyone over at the forum. It's getting better (example: the sigs have been fixed) but the internationals can't join and nobody really likes that. There's only 4 mods for the whole site and it's hard for them.

Dive Deep
Always Shine

Never break the Circle


Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm In

Well, actually we're all in. Anyone who applied for the FG was accepted (or close to anyway). Now I have to apply for the mission. The problem is: I have to ask for parental permission. You're going, What's the big deal? and I'm going Nothing... really. See, I know I'll get permission. The problem is the actual asking of it. I asked Mom, I was almost shaking. She said it sounded ok, but ask Dad. *sighs* Now I'm feeling like I'm going to throw up. I can't just ask DAD!!!

I know, I'm weird. It's not like I don't love Dad or anything. It's just I'm shy. An unfortunate defect. I have til thursday to get up the nerve.

The other question I have is less important (and annoying). Mostly because I'm pretty sure of the answer. They will give you actual paper copies of the graphic novel or send you a PDF file copy of it. So I can pass it out to people or post around on various forums I go to. Along with here and an e-mail loop I'm on. I'm thinking PDF. Not altogether decided though. I'll get Dad's opinion when I get the gut to ask.

*moans* I am going to die.

Sorry, pathetic moment past.

I have 6 days. Wish me luck. (Or better yet, pray!)



Thursday, July 27, 2006

Update on the Guard

I've been restless all day. I hardly managed to read my book, but forced myself until I got interested enough. I planned on finishing it tonight and probably would've made it. Then I remembered that Crystal was spending the night tonight. About 5 minutes before they got here. Nathan and Crystal are in the dining room doing chemistry with Dad while I'm in here in the living room hurrying to write this. Normally I love sitting in on the chemistry lessons. Today I couldn't get into it. Wonder why?

On the forum today, there was really nothing new about FG. I'm being impatient. I shouldn't expect anything until maybe the 1st. That's not too long.

I finally got the second Mask video loaded on my slow computer. The end is hilarious. I can't believe he actually posted that on the internet. Yeah, real calming music. ('Course for me, that is.)

Ah, but something very interesting on the forum, perhaps I'll finally understand all the references to The Circus now, The Three Ring Circus. You have to check this out. I haven't hardly gotten into it yet. It's like 130 pages long. (Yes, I copied it all into Word. And, no, I did not print it. That will be a slow process and only after a bit of proofing. My style of copy-paste wasn't the most accurate.) It's amazing so far.

I'm dying to know. I'm still undecided on whether I really want to do this. I scared of what I'd have to do if I got it. But I think it would be so awesome at the same time. Confusion!

BTW, to all the readers in the future who actually know me, my sn on The Circle is leigolast. And to all the people who don't know me, don't feel left out. They don't know what it means either. MWAHAHAHAHA!

Dive Deep
Always Shine


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Forest Guard

The Forest Guard needs help! And I have applied for the position. I doubt I'll be accepted but I refuse to let my shyness stop me from reaching out with both hands this time! I've read much about the FG today and it has bolstered my spirits till I almost feel I could do it. A good thing considering there is the chance I might have to.

No, really, I am excited. I'm just extremely nervous also. No real reason to be, I know. The chances of me getting one of the positions is slim and getting slimmer. (2 hours left) But there is such a realm of possibility, currently just beyond my reach.

I tell you what, I'm going to start reading Dekker's blog. I've revisited the forum too. I hide just below the surface in the murky waters of Lurkdom. Find me if you dare.

I'm starting to get fidgety. Not cool. Bad thing is, I don't even know when the accepted FG will be announced. I'll have to start checking for rumors. It's likely been changed with the new closing for applications date.

Ah well. We'll see.

Until then,
Dive Deep


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Help me! I'm doing it again.

I read one of the most awesome books on ... sunday! It's called The Bark of the Bog Owl by Jonathan Rogers. It's the first book in the Wilderking Trilogy.

The library *grrr* doesn't have the last two, The Secret of the Swamp King and The Way of the Wilderking. So I have to ILL them. (That would be Inter-Library Loan.) We're going to the library on thursday and I think it'll take about two weeks... but I'm really not sure because I don't remember how long it took last time I ILL'd something. *sigh*

I'm going to die. Somebody will kill me, sure. I'm going to be going up and down the walls and everybody's nerves too. (Multi-tasking!) I'm so impatient! To make things all over worse, guess what I'm reading currently. Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner. I'm telling you this guy needed more grammar lessons or love or something as a child, because he has apparently forgotten this important thing known to normal people as a period. A little dot, you know, that comes at the end of sentences. There was one paragraph, (the first in the book in fact) it was over half a page long and it contained 2 sentences. Do you know how hard that is to read? Very, let me tell ya. So far it also seems to have no plot whatsoever.

Hey, you never know, it might get better.

Might being the key word there, might.

But probably won't.

If I hurry today I might finish it.

Might being the key word there.

I can't wait till thursday.

(Feechies rule!)


Saturday, July 15, 2006


I'm just here to write because I can't seem to do anything else. (At least not for more than 2 minutes at a time. That gets annoying.) Sooo....

I finished an amazing book this morning, afternoon, 1ish o'clock. There we go. 1ish o'clock. It's called Relentless. If you think it sounds good and you'd like to read it, let me give you some advice: Don't! It's not that I have anything against the book. (Hello? Did I not just say it was amazing.) It's just that it is so darn good! And it ends... and I'll be dying a slow and painful death until next July when book 2 in The Dominion Trilogy comes out. (I'll revive slightly then.) Then go through the process again until July 2008!

See? I'm just trying to save you pain. Buy the whole trilogy in 2008 and spare yourself the heartache that I am currently going through. Too late for me; save yourselves!


I'll (not-so-freely) admit it. I liked the Thresher even when I first met him. *cringes* Don't hate me? I know, I know, he's an assassin. *switches to whiney voice* We're not supposed to like assassins. They're bad people. But they're interesting! And he is so darn good. I didn't realize about his speed thing until I saw him through someone else's eyes. Very sweet. *grins* (Gonna have to look that up in the book again. Get the details of why right.) And seriously, he is almost a good guy now! So close... (yeah, I get it, so far...) Give the cool guy a break.

I can't believe that Maximilian killed Hannah. (Okay, so I can, but you know what I mean!) Mean! Mean, mean, mean, cruel and cold-hearted and mean. Humph.

Okay, I'm over my grump.

This turned into something a bit more specific than just "Ramblings". Prehaps I should change the name. Then again, I think this is exactly what I came to write about. Assuredly deeper than ramblings.

An idea just hit me. What if I put my stories on a blog. Made a blog for each one that I have a good bit written on... That would be fun. It's not like anyone reads this stuff anyway... brilliant! Not just yet, but perhaps soon. I can go check some things out now.

God bless,


Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh, what a Beautiful Day

Guess what I get to do this evening...

See Dead Man's Chest! Can any y'all say boo-yah?

We're going with Nathan and Crystal, of course. I'm so excited. Cap'n Jack is hilarious. Tasha has already seen it, but I am not going to allow that to ruin it for me. Besides, I could have gone but decided not to for my poor income's sake. To show you just how bad it is: I have $17 and I feel absolutely rich.

Other news of interest would include (1) They actually put my insert in this week. Frightening experience. (2) I've been writing! I am making progress in Keepers and Si's story. It's amazing. I think I'm in love.

There's really nothing else to write. I just had to put that I'm going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. (Call me obsessive and get it over with.)

God bless!


Monday, July 03, 2006

Money Problems

Money problems, yeah that works. Doesn't money always cause problems? Maybe we should just get rid of it. Go back to the bartering system. I'd go for it.

See, yesterday I found out that Dad told Mr. Burgin a few months ago that Tasha aand I didn't want to work for him this summer so he has found someone else for the job of driving a tractor in the early morning hours. I admit, I'm probably the one who gave him this impression. I have an unnatural dread of the job. Lawn-mowing too, which has devolved onto me. I don't why, I just get nervous and am tempted to cry. But this spring and summer mowing the yard I've worked very hard at overcoming this fear and it really hits me at all anymore.

Mom, Natasha and I have discussed and worked out everything. I would work mondays, fridays and saturdays, the days when Tasha has to go in to work at 9:00. Tasha got the other days. Three days each, good and fair. Unfortunately Dad was left out of all these conversations, so all our decisions have come to nothing.

Dad was very apologetic, as was Mom (why? she had nothing to do with it? never understand some people...), but I was still disappointed. My main income, money I was depending on, just slipped through my fingers and down the drain.


I'm okay. I'll make it. I don't have anything I have to buy until October, Crystal's birthday. Right now there's 2 loaves of bread baking in the oven that will make me $2 profit each. A third on the table thawing. There's always lawn-mowing. And when the holiday season comes I'll be temporarily rich. Worn out from all the darn baking, but rich by my own standards.

Point being, I'll live. I just won't have as many books, clothes, cd's and notebooks to do it with. (I really do need another pair of jeans though. I only have one I'm comfortable in, and one other besides. But it's summer, I'll live a couple of months.)

They say money is the root of all evil. I agree.