Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Good Day

Sure, classes have been fine. Work went well. That's not it.

I finally did it. I've been intending to for the past, oh, two, three weeks. Took me long enough. Call it the devil on my shoulder trying to talk me out of it.

I finally donated to RadioU and NaNoWriMo like I've been meaning to. The Keepers of my Sanity, via God.

So. It's a good day.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Frozen Grapefruit and Other Surprising Things

Yes, my grapefruit was frozen yesterday morning. That's what I get for putting it in the fridge. It was much less messy than usual, however, so the next grapefruit went in there too. Frozen grapefruit and squishy popsicles.... Our fridge just can't seem to make up its mind. (And Mom, they are very good, by the way.)

NaNoWriMo, as I'm sure you all know, just by way of connection to me, is just around the corner. Six days, in fact! Yes, I'm counting. I'll be home on the first day of NaNo, so I'm warning you in advance. Don't expect much out of me on Sunday. If I can get a headstart, well, I'll take it. I figure, with the Saturday write-ins, and my own BW write-ins on Tuesday nights, I'll be able to get five hours a week of writing. If I can manage 1,000 words an hour, that's 20k right there. Only 10,000 more to stick into other cracks and crannies over the rest of the month. Doesn't sound half bad that way, huh?

NaNo is on the mind. I have to do a ten minute presentation in German class, and yes, in German, on any topic of my choice. Guess. Yup, National Novel Writing Month. I had way to much fun playing with Power Point. (Imagine: "Ooh, colors!")

I am also going to make a posterboard for everybody's wordcounts. With stickers! Everybody loves stickers. My project tomorrow. In between homework, that is.

I got an 86% on my German midterms (surprising things, I said, didn't I?), which made me quite glad, though it may have dropped my grade down to a B+. I do what I can. :)

Christine gave me stickers. Hehe.

I've been playing DragonFable again recently. It's very addictive. I think I be in luv. It will make a great procrastination tool for NaNoWriMo. Especially with WiFi everywhere!

Off again. I shall try to post soon.
Love, Ashley


Monday, October 19, 2009


I was stunned today as I left history class. We finally received our third essays back, a book essay on Innocent Traitor, which unfortunately, I did not finish. Good book though. The essay, totally winged in the forty minutes we had. I got lucky with the topic. Apparently I also picked the less popular one, good move, I guess.

I came out of there with 40 points out of 40. And I didn't even get the bonus questions right. A perfect essay. Gott sei Dank.

This will never happen again. Yeesh.


Friday, October 09, 2009


I just about had a breakdown of major proportions.

But, yeah, it's all good now. *sighs*

I had a paper due today, worth 30% of my grade, and I hadn't had an opportunity to work on it until today after classes. (I'm not a bad student, really...) Anyway, I'm like okay, I have until midnight, I'm cool. Until I get the notice that the blackboard, where I have to turn in my paper, is going down at 10:00 tonight for repairs. Grrr...

But I got my paper done. Not quite as long as it should be, 1450 instead of 1800, but I think it's good. And this professor likes my writing. Okay, I might make this. And I got done on time. Bonus, right?

So, I'm re-reading it one last time, word-padding here and there (practice for November... and maybe tomorrow), and pushing the time just a little. But I save it, pull up the site, upload the file, and hit submit... And the internet goes down. Suddenly the tears that have been threatening are about to shower. No freakin' way!

But it's all good. I sent it, I'm alright. I gonna crash now, and try to get over this miserable cold. Cool?


Wednesday, October 07, 2009


"If you rip, tear, shred, bend, fold, deface, disfigure, smear, smudge, throw, drop, or in any other manner damage, mistreat, or show lack of respect towards this book, the consequences will be as awful as it is within my power to make them."

I saw that and just had to post it, because it describes my attitide near on perfectly. *grins*


Sunday, October 04, 2009

I've Just Fallen in Love....

....With white chocolate and coconut. Ehehehehe. *grins*

Aren't you jealous?



Almost.... what, I'm not sure. But almost. Yes, I can feel it in my gut. Or is that the entire package of ramen noodles I just ate? *puzzles briefly* Either way, it's almost... something.

In more definitive news, I finally finished my production review and turned it in. That means I just have to do German homework and write a rough draft of my English paper. Easy... sure.

In more pleasant news, I actually went to church this morning! Cadence picked me up, and we went to Grace, the CMA church. The worship was good, the sermon was fine. And I went to Cadence's house for a while after, which was just as good for my soul as church was.

In... other (I tried, I really did.) news, yesterday when I was working (unsuccessfully) on the production review, I did manage to write 500 words on something fun. I'm not sure if that qualifies as strictly good, since it was a form of procrastination at the time, but still. It made me happy. (See the sentence! -->)

Speaking of procrastination....


Friday, October 02, 2009

Long Time, No Write!

Oops! I've been so busy this week, I'm afraid this just got ignored. Today, as you might know, is the 2nd day of October. I'm already a day behind!

It's NaNoWriMo Recruitment Month! YaY! I'm going to be hanging flyers everywhere, and coordinating all sorts of fun things if I can find the time amongst the homework. First project: Write a sticky post for this blog. I'm going to leave my blog address on the posters, just so people can get more info about NaNoWriMo here on campus. Community is what this is all about!

Wow, I'm kinda brain numb just now.

Ooh! I'm playing in a skit at Oktober Fest tonight with Katie, and I play a little girl Heidi. So I get to bring Zee with me. I'm happy. Now I just have to try to find some cutesy clothes to wear. o.O Yeah, lots of luck with that one. Zee will be glad to get out and about though. :)

Off to work on my intro post before history. I think we get our essays back today! *gulps*
Love, Ashley