Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What have I DONE?!!!

I just typed and entered my 25th post on the Circle forum.


Have I lost Lurker status? What will I do? I'll be lost without it! To never return to my dear Lurkdom with it's murky waters and anonymity. To never sink beneath the surface and only come up to breathe once a blue moon. The precious lurkers, we know and see all. Beware the lurkers. They will rule. We know the people but the people do not know us. Creates for some interesting situations. *grins*

Will the Lurkers accept me back in their waters? For that matter will they ever know I'm gone to begin with? *blinks twice*

On other news, I edited Keepers today. I need to update the blog now. And type some more of it in. I only have 8 typed pages, I bet there's 15 worth in the notebook. Hmph.

Well, on and in.

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