Tuesday, August 08, 2006

*Sings* "It's a Beautiful Day..."

So many happy things today! Well, we went to the movies, John Tucker Must Die. Not all but half bad! Crystal spent the night last night and we stayed up really late. Just ask Tasha. And...

The Forest Guard site is up! And the forum. I'm so excited. Next week I get to start Mission Saint. I'll be sure to post my guard number and the PDF file of the comic book (if I can figure out how, that is).

The Y thing was canceled. God forgive me, but I'm rejoicing inside. Mrs. Shackle asked us to help next week, but we can't. Tasha has her eye appointment and we're all going to the library. *sighs quietly with relief* The circumstances around it aren't that great though. Mrs. Sherer is sick (I think, I might have heard that wrong) and Bethany had an allergic reaction to the chlorine in the pool the other kids threw her into last night. (Adam had a bonfire.) She told them before, but they did it anyway. (Sometimes I don't understand my own generation.) Tasha came home early last night for that reason. She was trying to stop them and got a wee bit upset. Bethany had to go to the emergency room. *sighs*

Moving on to more pleasant topics. You'll never guess what I'm getting tomorrow. To read. From the library. (Okay, so you might be able to guess.)

Yes, yes, yes! The Secret of the Swamp King! It's currently In Transit. (Actually let me check. One moment please. And yes, I know I'm obsessive. You don't have to tell me.) Yup, still Transit. Along with my other two books. I just love it when everything cooperates like this. Dark Fathom is one of the ones on hold. It's been on hold since December. Yes, December. It's been in processing since December. I'm glad they finally got it moving. My hold expires next month.

Well, back off to reading The Bark of the Bog Owl. (Yes again. What do you think I am, some sort of monster?! *mumbles to self* Not re-reading a book before reading the sequels... heathens!)

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