Monday, August 14, 2006

Something to Cheer the Day

Something to make me a little happier anyway. Leisha Kelly's site is up and goin'! And the title of the third Tahn book has been announced. The Scarlet Trefoil. Hoo-boy, I can't wait. But wait I must.

Dad and Tasha just got home. I haven't seen Tasha, haven't left the computer yet. They'll be eating.

And... I believe that my e-mail just came! Yes, the e-mail. But I'm reading a couple of others that just came first so give me a minute and let me see.




(Stupid Yahoo! Come on, load!)


*growls long and low*


*hums vague tunes*


And we are GOOD TO GO!

Lock and load, baby. Lock and load.

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