Thursday, August 10, 2006

NO! It... it can't.

I have finished reading The Wilderking Trilogy. I finished this morning, but I've been having fun on the internet. I have been keeping up very well with all the posts on the FG forum. And I edited a PDF file with Photoshop all by my lonesome! Amazing. currently I'm writing this post, downloading the Guard intro video and keeping tabs on the FG forums. Oh yes, and playing with Blogger Help. Love that thing.

Ah, but the post title, you're probably wondering, What the heck? Yes. That is to do with the Trilogy. Rogers can't just end like that. There needs to be more books! Not that the ending is bad or anything. There just... ach!, needs to be more! It's to good a story and characters not too! But he likely won't. *sighs*

So I play with my new friends in the FG to comfort myself. So much better than comfort food.

Wow, this is taking awhile to write this post. I'm doing too many things at once I guess. Soon I'll link to the PDF and give out my Guard #. I'm working on that right now too.

To all the feechies at heart!

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