Thursday, August 17, 2006

End of Silence

Total double meaning there.

1. I bought End of Silence today. Yes, Red's debut cd. And it's absolutely wonderful. I listened to the whole thing while sitting in the van outside the chiropractor's office. For and hour and a half. I also read a couple chapters in Tom Sawyer and sat there doing nothing. (Hey, I'm proud. Considering how lethargic I've been since yesterday, reading 2 chapters and doing 2 music lessons is an amazing accomplishment. I'm blaming it all on starting my HTP again.) But moving on.

2. The other End of Silence is a more personal one. School. Now don't get me wrong. I'm dying for school to begin. (I'm not being sarcastic here.) I'm just not looking forward to everything that comes with it. AKA the noise. I tolerate, if not enjoy it most times. But it can get to a body. Very easily sometimes. I'm just praying I'll deal ok. I'm starting A Young Woman After God's Own Heart on monday. Figured I'd need it. Mom bought it for me back at CHEO, but I didn't actually receive it until last monday (the 7th).

I cherish that Silence and I do not look forward to the End. But hopefully my other Silence, Red's Silence and God's Silence will get me through.

Music and God, yes, most times together. That'll get me through. It always has, always will.

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