Friday, August 04, 2006

If I can survive...

I'll get to read The Way of the Wilderking! It's sitting upstairs in my bedroom at this moment, begging to be read. Seriously, I can hear it if I listen hard enough.

Dad brought it home last night, but sadly, the second one isn't in yet. (Do not worry. I'm checking my library account, like, every five minutes. I'm sure they love me.) So I wait. I don't plan on starting the next book in my pile until 16:30. Then I'll have the whole weekend to finish it, without worrying that I might have three books glaring at me from the endtable as I hurry to finish it. I'll have three whole days. I should be fine.

But that book had better come today! I'm slowly wilting. Believe it or not, I'm already done with my chores because I had nothing better to do and was trying to stay away from the computer for a few minutes anyway. I've actually prayed that it would come today. Normally I'm not that frivolous, but I figure I need it.

Here's why. Mom and Dad have volunteered us for this thing at the Y. Only one time (it's almost over anyway) but I don't handle these things well. It's sorta like a backyard Bible school program. It's starts at 10 (on tuesday) and should end somewhere between 11:30 and 12. Lots of kids and nowhere to run. Lots of kids as in around 40. I'll try to give an account on tuesday. If I'm still alive and capable of typing. (You know, not at the hospital in a coma or anything.)

Then again. Maybe it would be better if it came in tuesday. Then I would have something to bury myself in to cover up the horror of the experience as it wears off. Three books oughta do it. I hope.

To all you out there who've ever had to wait for something. I feel for you.

Shine like Stars,

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