Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Maybe I should do this more often.

Really, you'll never believe what all I accomplished today simply because I have nothing else to do. And will die if I do nothing.

Was downstairs and ready to go a little before 800. Took a walk for around 820 to 840. Talked to a guy from North Robinson who was mowing for the county. Nice guy, odd conversation. So get back home. Do one lesson in music. (Love finishing subjects before school even starts. And this is why we love homeschooling.) Hung out laundry (the towels). (This is the unbelievable one.) I finished my current comp assignment. (!) Now on to the next one. *gags* I hang out more laundry (work clothes). Typed up recipes to send out to people. Typed up transcript beginings for us schoolmates still in school. Made a batch of peanut butter cookies. Made good progress on my planbook. Did a second music lesson. And somewhere in there I've gone on my internet rounds 3 times. Incuding all the posts in the new FG forum. I now have two hours till Dad comes home. (He has some stops to make. Library of course and Wal-Mart I think.)

I'm proud of myself.

Mom went to a moms thing at the Off Center Cafe and said she'd be back between 4 and 5. I need to start the chicken if she's not back in time, prolly around quarter till 5. I originally thought I'd start reading at 4, but if Dad's not getting back til 530, but then I might have to fix supper... *grabs a pillow and screams*

See, I stopped off reading Bog Owl last night after chapter 17. (Wait, let me run see how many chapters there are.) There's 27 chapters and an epilogue. That gives me 10 chapters to read (and an epilogue *grins*). I'm a horrible estimater and have no idea how long it will take me to read it. I guess I'll start a little after 4. Hmph. I'll try to convince myself that it's not the end. It's just a pause, an intermission ... of about 2 seconds as I tear off to the door and franticly rip Swamp King out of Dad's hands.

I'll make it. I have recipes I can type up and music lessons to do.

To the books of the world and all desperate waiting involved.

(Seriously, this is fun. Try it some time.)


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