Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm back! (Oh, is that a good thing?...)

As you can see, it's been awhile...(oops). I haven't really been busy, just not well, here. I rediscovered RuneScape. I'm still not sure whether or not to classify that as a "good thing".

One good thing I know for sure, it that school is almost done! I will be glad beyond all reasoning when my "schoolmates" are gone. Although undoubtedly, I will miss them. Strange how these things work. Mom was talking to us all about next year's schooling. Asking us questions, etc. to try to figure out what we want. I am officially starting German next year. Yes! Boo-yah. There is also the possibility of me starting drum lessons. Gotta admit, never saw that one coming. And here I was all good, ready to lay that'un aside. Except at concerts, of course. Simply can't help it there, seeing the drummers on stage having all that fun.

So that's my happy news. But wait! there's more....

I.... WON! I was shocked. Blown out of the water. I got 46 out of 47 questions right! 'Course, three others got all of them right and had to have a tiebreaker. But I don't care. I won a poster. I need one for my poor bare walls, see. When my room finally gets finished. Which it will this summer. It will.

Hmmm.... What other news can I randomly post on the internet, on a site no one visits and no one knows? Hoo-oo. This could be good...

But no, I won't. I'm not that mean. So this means I'm gone.

See y'all later. Or, no, make that sooner.

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