Monday, May 15, 2006

Stories of Mine

I was rather sick yesterday (don't worry, it's not contagious), bad headache, generally aching, and very, very tired. Today I'm better, not achy, not tired. No, I seem to be doing fine. Other than the fact that I can't process anything that I read. Sorta problematic considering I'm supposed to be doing history. Mom's going easy on me though and I hope to be better able to read all about Lysander, as Plutarch puts him.

I have a character named Lysander. He's a Spartan too. (Ironic, I know.) I like that one. *sigh* 'Course I like all of my characters and stories. There's sure enough of them. Let me introduce you.

Ryn and Jamie are my main ones. The story that I really want to get out there, know? Kathryn Danian Brooks Conan and dear James Conan. He doesn't a middle name yet. I'm not sure that he ever will, really. They are keepers. Keepers of the Systems, type keepers. James is a healer and Ryn is a master. That's the most basic information. But perhaps we should start earlier.

Ryn is born and raised in 17th century Scotland. Her best friend is Caleb. Kathryn is... special. And the only one of her family who excepts her that way is her father. The rest of her family rather... avoids her. The reason they do that is that strange things happen around her. They don't want to be associated with her. And her eyes turn purple when those "things" happen. Then the worst thing that could possibly happen, happens.

Her father dies. She's only 15 and the same day her father is buried, Caleb disappears.

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