Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dad's Accident

What a way to ruin a day. At least it didn't happen tomorrow. That would have been the worst of all deals. See, tomorrow's my birthday. And we're going to see X3. Hopefully, Dad's still going too. He says, "As long as I can still move." God willing. It means a lot to me.

On the way to work this morning, Dad ran a stop sign. He doesn't know what he was thinking, what happened really. Another car rammed into the passenger side. In the other car was 12 year old girl and her dad. So they strapped my dad and the girl down and shipped them off to the ER. The girl's dad was fine, apparently, but the girl did not have her seat-belt on.

Dad has a puncture wound in his right leg and a very sore chest from the seat-belt, but otherwise fine. The girl they were worried about but she seems to be doing okay. No broken bones, just some scrapes and bruises. Painful ones no doubt, but scrapes and bruises none the less.

Dad's home now. Everybody's been calling and Dad sent out an e-mail to let everyone know that he is still alive. But it's hard anyway. Mom keeps thinking about what would have happened if he died.

I just wanna enjoy my birthday tomorrow. I hope no one thinks me selfish. If anyone reads this, please pray.


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