Friday, May 26, 2006

Birthday! and, oh yeah, X-Men

I'm 15! Boo yah.

Dad should be able to go to X3 tonight, so I'm happy. I'm dying though. 5 more hours and I'll be there.... *sigh* I can't even write, there's too much. (I didn't have that problem last night though....) I'm going to explode all over the place.

Nathan and Crystal (schoolmates) are coming tonight for supper. And recipes (don't ask). Tasha gets off work at 5. So hopefully we'll be eating at 5:15. Eat cake, rip through presents *evil laugh* and run out the door. X-Men: The Last Stand starts at 6:30. LT is going early to buy tickets, but we do want seats together. Ooh, I can't wait.

Actually, until Tuesday I had never seen all of X-Men or X2. I had seen part of X-Men on tv a long time ago. From the begining to the part where Wolverine goes flying through the windshield. (Call me mean, I love that part.) I saw part of X2 sunday. Dad had recorded it friday (we were kicked out of the house) and had started watching it. I didn't see the begining though and Dad accidently cut off before the end. So tuesday Dad brought home the first two. We watched the first one that night. Wednesday Tasha wanted to watch X-Men. Figured she needed to see it if she was going to watch X3. After supper we started. Dad come home later than usual that night, we were probably half-way through. Next thing you know we were watching X2. Thursday Richard rode his bike over, so he was later than usual. He decided he needed to refresh his memories of the movies. So he started X-Men. I, of course, watched also. *grins* We only got about 50 minutes into it before his grandma picked him up for his haircut. (YES!) He took both movies with him. He's threatening to watch them again today. Not that I mind.

So that is my complete history of the X-Men. Rather sudden, isn't it? But most definately enjoyable.

All enjoy your movies tonight! (If you're not seeing it, you need help.)


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