Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm exposed

I have been found! Someone has visited my blog. A few someones actually. The real question: Did they really read something? *blinks rapidly* What do I do? Suggestions? (Ok, now I'm just fishing.) I don't care. I don't think. I don't think I care. Hmm. Now I've confused myself. *sigh* It never goes away.

So, my sister, Tasha, was listening to Nickelback. (She likes them, who knew?) I was with her in her car and I heard this song. It's called Someday. I like it, but it seemed so hopeless in a way. I decided then that I would pray for them. Everybody can use a little a'that, ah? So I checked out their website, got their names, and I'm good to go. And all of a sudden (as in, right now) I'm having the urge to write them a letter. Am I just weird? Probably, but I might just do it...

I like Nickelback's sound. He has a good voice, unique. Unfortunately for me, there happens to be some profanity. I can't stand cussing in my music. But I can see how they made it. And they'll go farther, I think.

Ah, the randomest things...

I got two birthday presents today. Never saw that coming. My grandma gave me this zipper fleece thing that I've really been wanting, so that's cool. Although the other part, well. Let's not go further. Gerry came over today also and dropped off a brithday card for me. (Gerry sort of adopted us. *shrug*) It had a $25 gift card for Wal-Mart in it. I'm rich! I now have $30. *grin* I can go on a shopping spree.

I don't have very big shopping sprees.

My birthday is friday. I'll be 15. Six months and you better run for high ground. I'm hitting the road, baby. *silently freaks* Hopefully I'll have some more money after my birthday. Then I can buy books. (My not-so-secret secret vice.) Ooh, and some cd's. Hehe. And I really do need jeans.... Oh, dear. This might become problematic.

Shine always

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