Monday, August 31, 2009

Took us long enough....

But we finally finished the roommate agreement last night. Only three days late! Tess didn't even yell at us or anything.

Yes, we are so accomplished. *rolls eyes*

So, we totally ate chocolate and worked on this at like 9 at night, 'course it was seven when we started planning, but honestly, we aren't the snappiest bunch around. o.O

But still, one more thing scratched off the list.

And how many more added? Let's see, I finally started reading The Decameron last night, which is very good since I need to write at least two essays about it before next week. *gulps* And we got our prompts for our first English essay. She tells us to pick the one that no one else wants to do, but how the heck do I know which one that is? Well, at least German went well today. And the homework doesn't look too hard. Did you know that in German the indirect object can come before the verb and subject? Yeah, neither did I.

History-121 have I in an hour and a half (See, it just sounds wierd in English.), so I have time to read my English and maybe some German. Then tonight I have work. Meh. I'll survive.

Other thinks to do tonight:
Go to Walgreens and get some freakin' batteries!
Show Liz conversion technique (so I don't have to stay up to midnight giving instructions :\ )

Thinks to do.... in this lifetime:
Work on scholarship essays
Finish Gingham Mountain
Visit the library
e-mail Tasha
Find fellow WriMos!

Okay, I'll stop procrastinating now. *grins*


Anonymous said...

Sleep is a good thing, love.

Natasha said...

and you called your sister! hehe. you better get most of your homework done before saturday....