Friday, August 28, 2009

It's the Weekend!

And the homework isn't too hard, so I am set! I talked to my German professor Stephen Hollender today, and I think I'll do okay in the class I'm in without dropping down a level, for which I am very glad. We did lose a couple students, but I think where we are now is a good place for me to pick up. And part of my German homework is a crossword puzzle. *grins* It's already half done, 'cause I was working on it while talking to Mom and Crystal this afternoon in between classes. I love crosswords. I love German. :)

I get to see people tomorrow! Yet another amazing delight of the weekend. People that I know you see. Mom and Dad and Crystal and possibly Nathan are coming to see me. Which makes me feel slightly guilty, but incredibly happy.

I plugged in my speakers today, which also makes me happy, because it was just in time to hear Family Force 5's "D-I-E 4 Y-O-U". Love that song. It's even better with good speakers!

I also got my calculator today. It was kinda wierd, because it came with like this wristband and a random and one of those paper-thin plastic rulers and some coupons! It was very strange. But whatever, they were very prompt, not to mention cheap, so I'm happy. *smiles*

Okay, my brain is totally phasing out, so I'm going to go find something less thought-intensive and then do some homework.

Auf Wieder...sprechen?

P.S. I 'membered the other thing I wanted to say! I plotted for NaNoWriMo last night (yes, while procrastinating on homework), so now I'm all raring to go. Only... two months? EEEeeee!
Gah, it's storming again. :P

P.P.S. Oh my gosh, they have web badges!!! *is sooooo excited* Look! (Clicky here.)
It's been a good day, if you can't tell. My brain is easily distractable.

P.P.P.S. (Hey, Crystal, this remind you of something?) Scroll down, I'm showing my pride in the sidebar!


Anonymous said...

ok, so what's with the German words and what do they mean(I'm guessing they're German)?

~Ley said...

"Auf Wiedersehen" is similar to "see ya later". The "sehen" part is "to see". If you're on the phone you would say "Auf Wiederhoeren", where "hoeren" is "to hear". So I'm sort of making up my own word with "Wiedersprechen" with "sprechen" being "to speak". Yeah, I guess that's the complicated explanation. :)