Sunday, August 30, 2009

Post Visitation Lassitude

I have a severe case. For supper I ate Lucky Charms with soy milk and an apple. Amazing the things you miss, eh? Anyway, I suppose I'll get over it quickly enough. I'll have work and school to keep me busy the rest of the week and then it's Labor Day! Thank God for holidays. I wouldn't survive without them.

So I got the rough draft of my German phone conversation down. I'm not sure that the grammar makes any sense, but hey, what I got's, I got's. Now I just have to try to polish it up some. At least he didn't specify a length to it. It's the small things, yeah?

*wanders off humming: "Magic makes the monster sleepy....*

*wanders back, still humming* P.S. I really want to see "9" now. :D


Anonymous said...

We're back on line now so that should make everyone happy. I'm praying for you.
Glad you got the German done.

Natasha said...

what the heck is 9?

~Ley said...

It's a Tim Burton movie that I sincerely think I'll have to go see in theater. :)

Anonymous said...

What's the name and artist of the song you're humming?

~Ley said...

Magic by Pamela somebody....