Thursday, August 20, 2009

Settled In

Everyone, hello from Berea, Ohio! I'm sitting in my dorm room on the top bunk (and liking it, surprisingly), typing this after a rather hectic day so far. Fortunately there's only supper and a game night this evening so I can hang out and cool off.

It's quiet just now because my roomies, Kristen and Liz, went off exploring the dorm with a couple of friends, but they're both very nice, and I think we'll get along all right. Thank God, eh?

We have this huge, beautiful bank of windows on one wall that we all adore, not least because it has a nice view of the field. Heh. Fortunately it faces in a north-westerly direction, so we won't get early morning sunshine in our eyes.

All the freshmen took a class picture today, which we all felt ridiculous doing, because we're all squinting into the sun up at a guy with a camera up in a cherry-picker. And to make it all just humiliating, we were lined up to form a B-W. Yeah, I know, it was bad. :)

Tonight at 9, we have a meeting with our RA, so that will probably be informative.

Tomorrow will be a busy day too, with lots of optional things in the morning and evening. And of course I have to go talk to people in College Relations about work study. *gulps* Now if only we could figure out when the cafeteria opens for breakfast...

Miss you all already! Lots of love...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog Ashley.

Natasha said...

tonight at 9? geez...up late huh? lol. can't wait till labor day weekend :)

Nathaniel said...

Hope your settling in well. I'm going to miss your randomness at supper Tuesday.
I got my acceptance letter from NCSC. It's sorta weird because doesn't everyone who applies there get in? I'm still waiting on Financial Aid info. :( Can't wait till labor day weekend it's one of my last weekends off though. I saw on my collage schedule there aren't any classes that weekend. If you find a digital copy of that B-W picture I want to see it lol.
Have fun!