Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day

Gosh, I am tired and sore! But happy! So, here goes.

I woke up at like seven for, well, no particular reason. So I got up and ready and sat around for a few minutes watching Liz rush around. She had a 8:15 class. Then I got moving and went over to Lang to sign my papers. I met some of the Lang ladies who are all really nice, and had breakfast. Then I meandered over to the CyberCafe and got on the computer for while before heading for my first class.

All the professors I met today seemed really nice and helpful so that's good. And my history prof is snarky to boot, so it will make for some entertaining lectures for sure. My English workshop and my German class are both discussion classes, and you are expected to talk! In English that's a major part of your grade. And in German, well, he just asks you a question in German and you get to try to answer it!

Once I got back to the dorm, I only had about twenty minutes to sit and cool off before heading off to the kitchen, 'cause I got stuck in the bookstore for like a half hour trying to buy some Blue Books for history class. At least they were cheap.

So I headed over to Lang and met some more people, including a couple other work study students, Andrew, who's apparently been there forever *grins*, and Jon, who's a freshman that I've met before. I'm not sure if I'll be working with them any other days than Monday, but we'll see! Anyway, we sat down and ate right away. All the food was ready, but the dining hall doesn't officially open til 4:30, I think. There were a couple of people down there anyway, so if I'm right about the time, they aren't real strict. Then I got to help Carmen and Peg alot of the time, with a few random jobs in between. I'll get introduced to my "real" job tomorrow, which is helping with salad prep. Lang makes the salads for their dining hall and the Union so I imagine there's a lot to do. The lady I'll be working with wasn't in this evening (Kathy, I think?), so that's why I was sort of doing odd jobs. Whatever. I'll find out more tomorrow!

Okay, I'm really tired, but luckily, I don't have hardly any homework yet! So I'm going to finish reading my English assignment and collapse!



Anonymous said...

Well, salad-I'm sure you've had lots of practice with that! You'll do fine. Won't be long til you'll be used to the schedule and all the running around. Talk to you soon.

Nathaniel said...

Sounds like fun.
I was getting cold feet this last weekend. So I emailed an architect last week and got a reply. He said NCSC would be a fine start, but if I wanted to open my own firm I needed to move to OSU or Kent State. I guess I'll stay with NCSC since I can't afford either one and they're both too far away. I also don't know that I want to open a firm. I might email him back and see if I can arrange a meeting to see his firm.

Natasha said...

sounds like you're staying very busy! yay lol. and salads...your favorite ;-)