Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So last night was the first Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU.) meeting. They actually had a free cookout beforehand, which drew a lot of people. Freshmen, free food.... Yeah, they go together. It was good food too.

But the food was not why I am going to go every week. Mainly because they don't have food every week. *grins* It's the people, and the service. Oh my gosh, I did not realize how much I needed that until I got there. I totally cried on my walk back to the dorm, just because I was so happy. Even though this week has been going really well, it's been extremely stressful. CRU is just such a beautiful way to unwind.

I also signed up for a Life Group, which is just a little Bible study. They have a lot of them all over campus and on different nights, so there's no excuse not to join one! The one I signed up for is Thursday evenings which I think will work well for me. And I really need to do this, to stay involved.

Okay, I need to read Oedipus before history class starts, so I'm going to run. Post again soon!



Anonymous said...

That's great Ashley! Did you happen to see Cindy? I'm so glad you found a "church" that you like.

~Ley said...

I didn't see Cindy, but it's early yet. We'll see. As long as I meet a few people, I'll be okay.

Natasha said...

oedipus? what?

~Ley said...

Yeah, this ancient greek play with lots of incest and murder. Great stuff. :P

Nathaniel said...

Do you have a link to that trailer. I tried to find it but wan't able to. I found out it isn't the original movie trailer but not much more than that. It's driving my nuts now lol.