Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Is Here...

Spring is over. I feel sad. I miss it already. Why people like summer is totally beyond me. But anyway, with the beginning of summer come the end of SRT. Which means a post! (Be happy, my minions!)

First of all, no I didn't finish all of my books. And I feel horrible. Just not horrible enough to do anything about it. Yet anyway. Don't worry. They'll all get read eventually, as they hit the "two-week" stack. My complete list, showing the ones I've read as marked with a ~, is here. But still, I feel I've got to explain Anna K. See, I started it, read 10 chapters, even liked what I read! (Oblonsky is a jerk and Levin is cool. *smiles*) But my history books are starting to become threatening in their assertions that they be read. Now. I just don't have the time or willpower to read it right now. Mom talked me out of it, so I don't feel guilty.

I always fail miserably at talking myself out of things, because obviously, I am completely biased. I don't want to do it, therefore I have to do it, because it be unfair not to. Make sense?

But Mom talking me out of it? Well, she's not near so biased as I am, and she puts up some good arguements. And really, I'm not going to talk back to my mom, now I am?

Anyway, if my fall isn't too busy, it'll probably go on the fall reading list. *shrugs*

If I had to pick a single favorite book from this challenge, it would probably be.... hmm... Leaper. It was funny, and I love my rather twisted sense of humor. The electronics store scene... *giggles* Yes, I love comedy, but it was the ending on this one that really cinched it. If you haven't read it, my gosh, do. It's amazing. And it'll certainly make you think.

Hmmm. I'll admit, there really wasn't much on this list that wasn't me. My type of book, you know? Maybe Anna K, which as I said, surprised me. (I really will get back to this book.) Also The Honorable Imposter, as it's really not my time period or location. I've just heard too much American history overall I guess. It's never interested me much. I like ancient history. Greece, especially. *sighs* But really, anything European before the 15th century is good. But Morris's was really good. Surprised me in a good way. And rather different way than Anna K did. But whatever.

Challenges like this have never actually helped me read more books. I really read too much already to up the ante. They help me read specific books. But this year I have been reading more than is my wont. And it wasn't because of SRT. If you really want to know about that, you can read about my Stack. But I'll warn you, it's dangerous. The history books, as I mentioned are nearing mutiny, the two-weeks are frustrated at being mixed in with others not of their status (though really they have no grounds for complaint any longer, since most of my history books just got their four-week notice), and the remaining SRT books? I think they're mostly just grateful to be off the hook, though they're feigning disappointment. Appearances, you know.

Truthfully, though. Even that's getting better. I wouldn't say winding down, but it's better. I'm alive, I'm reading. Can we honestly hope for more?

Anyway, now that I've rambled on about nonsense for awhile, I think it's time to wrap this up! I give my vote in the affirmative for a Fall Into Reading challenge, and sign off with blessings.

Shine everyone.

(They're watching. *grins*)



Nathaniel said...

Very nice post Ley. I'll be doing mine tomorrow. I didn't make it through the last book I wanted to Dawn's Light. I'm waiting until tomorrow to post though in hopes I'll finish more before 12.

Katrina said...

No guilt allowed, Ley! You did lots of reading and that's what counts! Thanks again for being part of the challenge.