Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ancestors and Anna

I've been interested in genealogy for a few years. Yesterday I finally downloaded a program called Family Tree Builder. Wow. Nice. My favorite button so far is one called "Manage Spouses". You can divorce them, marry them, separate them, add children, detach children. It's fun. *smiles*

Anyway, I've been having fun entering in all my ancestors into my tree and publishing them to my site. The earliest date I have is 1827. A birthday for some #great-grandfather. That's like, wow. And the site I downloaded the program from,, have found some matches for my grandparents in other family trees. I haven't looked closely yet, but I might have already found some new ancestors.

Unfortunately, I can't spend any time on it right now. First, I have to write. It's the Full Moon! I've written one page, handwritten, so I still have a lot to go to hit 5,000 today. But I'll make it.

Then today and tomorrow, I have to try to finish Anna Karenina. Yay. I'm so... excited. Yeah. You can tell huh? Since I spent yesterday evening poking around my genealogy, I didn't exactly get far. I think I'm on page... 24? (Yeah, oops.) So I will probably not get that done before summer hits, but I will get it done. Once I start a book it's as good as. I've not finished one book in my life that I can remember. Oh wait, two books I've started and never finished. My bad.

Thinking on it, I won't have a lot of time to read tomorrow either. It's library day. (Goodie!) Books, books, books, books..... *trails off mumbling with a ridiculous grin on her face* *drools*

Yeah, soooo... not much reading tomorrow either. But I'll finish it. Watch me.

So, the 20th you can expect another post for finishing SPR, then the 21st another post... Then we'll see. I'll have to come up with something else to talk about. *gasps*



Nathaniel said...

I had to download it so I would guess I won't get very far on my book today. lol I'm going to go read now. ttyl

Darlene Franklin said...

Hey, I wanted to say thanks for stopping by Lena's blog. Genealogy is fascinating, isn't it?