Monday, June 09, 2008

Update on The Stack... and Junk

Good news! The two-week/SRT stack beside my bed has shrunk by half and is looking good. Of course, Dad is bringing home some of my 'missing' (aka, I didn't get them done before the library demanded them back) SRT books tonight, but they're all LIs, therefore: little. I still haven't touched my history stack, but I'll have time for that after the 20th.

I'm also officially ahead of schedule. I give myself one day for each book (it's summer after all, in winter I give two days) and two days for the 600 page ones, like The Host, In the Earth Abides the Flame and The Right Hand of God. After this I'm starting Flame. Officially *wink, wink* I don't have to start that until wednesday. So as long as I finish it by thursday, I'm good. Still on schedule. Not that that means I'll finish everything I need to. It just means that... I'm on schedule. Whatever.

I helping Grandma with a garage sale on thursday and friday, so I'm really hoping I can stay on schedule this week. If I do I will finish my two-week books (excepting some that will be moved into the stack various days this week) on saturday (according to schedule) and can focus on SRT books until the 20th when I will read Mixed Bags, which is Teen FIRST's book for June. Then I can get back to my normal schedule of two-week and history books. Preferably one two-week, one history, and etc. Makes everything just easier to cope with.

Surprisely, I enjoyed my walk today. No matter the 95 degree weather, despite the wind that felt like it came straight from the mouth of Hades. I hadn't walked in a few days and it felt good to stretch out. Dang good. And anything to up my miles. *grins* It feels so nice out there on the road, nobody watching, nobody cares. I feel slinky, sleek. A girl's gotta feel comfortable in her own skin once in a while.

I guess I should explain "hadn't been walking" because there's no good reason not to walk if I have the time and feel good doing it. Mostly it's been that my sleeping habits have gone awry. And that is for no good reason. At least none that I can come up with. It's not mono (thank God), because although I've been a touch more emotional than usual, I've not been that emotional, and it's not fatigue. It's just that I can't sleep. Whatever. It's annoying. I'll get over it. Mom suggested at first that it might be lack of exercise. I just gave her a look. I don't think sit-ups, push-ups, walks, and the occasional stair-steps counts as lack of exercise for a person as naturally sedentary as me. Mmmm... whatever.

On a random note, the time on this blog is an hour off. I even checked the settings and it set for EST, so it's just being stubborn. Whatever.

(Anyone else sensing a pattern?... Wha... Nevermind.)

And now you know why I titled this "and Junk".

Happy days and blessed lives....



Nathaniel said...

Okay so what happened to signing off with Shine. Now we get whatever? I'm ashamed you've posted 2 times since I've posted. I'll try to do that today sometime.

~Ley said...