Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Stack

Sounds ominous, doesn't it? Like some cheap horror flick. In reality, at least my reality, it doesn't look all that scary. But trust me, it is.

Maybe I should explain. The Stack is a combination of history books, Spring Reading Thing books, and "two-week books". History books is an easy one. They're the books that I've gotten behind on, the ones that are too long to read in one day, let alone one sitting. For examply, the five hundred page biography of Increase Mather.

Spring Reading Thing books are also easy to explain. They're the books off of my Spring Reading Thing List that I haven't gotten to yet. And the 19th is the last day of spring. 'Ipes.

Then there are the "two-week books". This is a convenient term, though not entirely accurate. Better would be, "second renewal books", but that's just a mouthful. Basically they can't be renewed again, so I need to get up on top of things and read them.

So that's the logistical details of The Stack. The only thing unknown is when I'll be able to finish them all. Next on my list is a two-week book, also, conveniently enough, the ACFW Book Club book for June, The Other Daughter. I needed that done by the 20th anyway. So far, so good.

But then it just starts getting iffy. I have another two-week book, then The Host, and then... I don't know. I'll figure it out when I get there. *laughs* I'm so totally not gonna make it.

So my history stack (downstairs on the endtable) is getting dangerously tall and is being ignored until the official start of summer, when I get to buckle down and read the 15 or so books in it. *desperately hopes it's not any more than that* My combined two-week/Spring Reading Thing stack (upstairs beside my bed) is level with my bed. Which makes it a handy nightstand for my cell phone, but I'm afraid to leave the window open too far, lest it collapse in a stiff breeze. And the breezes get pretty stiff out here.

Essentially, I'm doomed. (Think DF... DOOOMED!) The Stack is going to eat me alive before the month is out.

Buried beneath a stack of her own making,


Nathaniel said...

I so happy. A new post at last that doesn't just say "FIRST." I'm not going to make it through my Spring reading list either if that makes you feel any better.

cushion change said...

Aaaaahhhhh!!! THE STACK. Mine has the "two-week books", "one-week books" and "a school book" and "unreadys" *books I own but seem to never get to read* on a count there are 73 + 4 magazines. After saying that I'm going to go to the couch for change for all my over due fines I for see. lol

Nathaniel said...

So I'm wondering where did you get a half mile. lol 48.5

~Ley said...

Been off for awhile guys. Sorry for not responding. Sounds like you're worse off than I am, CC. I'm posting more about as I type. (Well, not literally. It's hard to type on two things at once, but it's in progress.)

And Nathan, the half miles (actually quarter miles, if I'd update more frequently) are stair-stepping. *gasps* Just thinking about it.... Oh my.