Monday, June 30, 2008


It's Mid-Year Verification Time over at NaNoWriYe, and since I managed to miss the other verifications, I knew I needed to get in on this one. So I spent the last hour attempting to compile my writings for the year.

I really should just stick to one story.

Quite a few of them were easy. I use a marathon template that I picked up somewhere online to keep track of how much I write and on what everyday. I just added up what I had written on a story and copy/pasted the words. Easy. And I was able to remember what I had typed "recently" (that being a fairly loose term, but this year), doubly confirming.

Ironically enough, it's the stories that I've started this year that I'm having trouble with. Namely, Speed Demon (almost done!) and Adwen, mostly the third book in the trilogy. (That whole trilogy/not is too complicated to explain just now.) They just don't want to add up. Now I know I've written so many words on each, because I started them this year. But it doesn't add up to what I have in my word count table.

From now on, I am so dumping everything I write in a nice Word document for future verification. And if I ended up with 1000 more words in my verification then I thought I had, I'll live.

So dumping writings....


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Nathaniel said...

This post makes me laugh.