Thursday, July 27, 2006

Update on the Guard

I've been restless all day. I hardly managed to read my book, but forced myself until I got interested enough. I planned on finishing it tonight and probably would've made it. Then I remembered that Crystal was spending the night tonight. About 5 minutes before they got here. Nathan and Crystal are in the dining room doing chemistry with Dad while I'm in here in the living room hurrying to write this. Normally I love sitting in on the chemistry lessons. Today I couldn't get into it. Wonder why?

On the forum today, there was really nothing new about FG. I'm being impatient. I shouldn't expect anything until maybe the 1st. That's not too long.

I finally got the second Mask video loaded on my slow computer. The end is hilarious. I can't believe he actually posted that on the internet. Yeah, real calming music. ('Course for me, that is.)

Ah, but something very interesting on the forum, perhaps I'll finally understand all the references to The Circus now, The Three Ring Circus. You have to check this out. I haven't hardly gotten into it yet. It's like 130 pages long. (Yes, I copied it all into Word. And, no, I did not print it. That will be a slow process and only after a bit of proofing. My style of copy-paste wasn't the most accurate.) It's amazing so far.

I'm dying to know. I'm still undecided on whether I really want to do this. I scared of what I'd have to do if I got it. But I think it would be so awesome at the same time. Confusion!

BTW, to all the readers in the future who actually know me, my sn on The Circle is leigolast. And to all the people who don't know me, don't feel left out. They don't know what it means either. MWAHAHAHAHA!

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