Monday, July 03, 2006

Money Problems

Money problems, yeah that works. Doesn't money always cause problems? Maybe we should just get rid of it. Go back to the bartering system. I'd go for it.

See, yesterday I found out that Dad told Mr. Burgin a few months ago that Tasha aand I didn't want to work for him this summer so he has found someone else for the job of driving a tractor in the early morning hours. I admit, I'm probably the one who gave him this impression. I have an unnatural dread of the job. Lawn-mowing too, which has devolved onto me. I don't why, I just get nervous and am tempted to cry. But this spring and summer mowing the yard I've worked very hard at overcoming this fear and it really hits me at all anymore.

Mom, Natasha and I have discussed and worked out everything. I would work mondays, fridays and saturdays, the days when Tasha has to go in to work at 9:00. Tasha got the other days. Three days each, good and fair. Unfortunately Dad was left out of all these conversations, so all our decisions have come to nothing.

Dad was very apologetic, as was Mom (why? she had nothing to do with it? never understand some people...), but I was still disappointed. My main income, money I was depending on, just slipped through my fingers and down the drain.


I'm okay. I'll make it. I don't have anything I have to buy until October, Crystal's birthday. Right now there's 2 loaves of bread baking in the oven that will make me $2 profit each. A third on the table thawing. There's always lawn-mowing. And when the holiday season comes I'll be temporarily rich. Worn out from all the darn baking, but rich by my own standards.

Point being, I'll live. I just won't have as many books, clothes, cd's and notebooks to do it with. (I really do need another pair of jeans though. I only have one I'm comfortable in, and one other besides. But it's summer, I'll live a couple of months.)

They say money is the root of all evil. I agree.

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