Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm In

Well, actually we're all in. Anyone who applied for the FG was accepted (or close to anyway). Now I have to apply for the mission. The problem is: I have to ask for parental permission. You're going, What's the big deal? and I'm going Nothing... really. See, I know I'll get permission. The problem is the actual asking of it. I asked Mom, I was almost shaking. She said it sounded ok, but ask Dad. *sighs* Now I'm feeling like I'm going to throw up. I can't just ask DAD!!!

I know, I'm weird. It's not like I don't love Dad or anything. It's just I'm shy. An unfortunate defect. I have til thursday to get up the nerve.

The other question I have is less important (and annoying). Mostly because I'm pretty sure of the answer. They will give you actual paper copies of the graphic novel or send you a PDF file copy of it. So I can pass it out to people or post around on various forums I go to. Along with here and an e-mail loop I'm on. I'm thinking PDF. Not altogether decided though. I'll get Dad's opinion when I get the gut to ask.

*moans* I am going to die.

Sorry, pathetic moment past.

I have 6 days. Wish me luck. (Or better yet, pray!)


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