Monday, July 31, 2006

Finally, it's Done

Yes, it's done, I submitted my application to Mission-0101: Saint. I have made my decision. Wanna guess what it is? Come on.. I love these games.

Okay, okay, fine, I'll tell you.... tomorrow? (I just love playing with myself.)

Today, fine.

PDF version, I chose. Of course, I immediately regretted my decision, but it was too late! It was off, sent somewhere into the deep realm of cyberspace that roam everyday. See, I belong here, I made a wise choice.

I know that if I had chose the physical I would have regretted it too. So it doesn't really matter. I'll just leave it up to God. Whatever they send me, that's what I'll do. It did say "if you had to choose..." so it may not be definite.

Either way I wait impatiently for, first August 7th, then the 14th. The 7th is when the FG website and section on the forum both open. The 14th is when further instructions arrive.

Long couple of weeks.

But then I also have those books I'm waiting for... supposed to take two to four weeks... this thursday makes two.... SOON!

And to make things absolutely beeauutiful, school starts th 21st! I think I just fell in love with August.


And if you're reading this, pray for everyone over at the forum. It's getting better (example: the sigs have been fixed) but the internationals can't join and nobody really likes that. There's only 4 mods for the whole site and it's hard for them.

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