Thursday, April 03, 2008

ADAM by Ted Dekker

~ A Review -- The First, the Last, the Only ~

If you can't tell, I don't do this often. But I have my reasons! I'll get to those later though. For now, let me ramble a while about Adam... and Eve.

First of all, though, I hate spoilers. Loath them. Won't even read a back cover copy if I know I'm going to read the book anyway. Why bother? It only ruins the fun. The point is there will be no spoilers in this post. Nuh-uh, no way, buddy.

Anyway... Adam.

I must admit when I first started, it didn't quite grab me. This was a Dekker book! I didn't expect that. It threw me a bit. But don't worry, that feeling didn't last past paragraph two. One teenage girl's equilibrium restored.

When I say "started" I don't mean the article at the beginning (and scattered throughout). That I loved. I've heard some people say they skipped it. Don't! It's important! And just plain good. The articles added suspense, horror, particularly with the tape (See, not a spoiler! You won't know what I'm talking about until you've read it.), and especially sympathy.

I found myself begging the killer not to make certain choices. How many books do you come out of with that strong of a sympathy for a serial killer? Even a liking, I dare say.

After I got into it, I didn't want to stop turning pages, but with grand self-control, I put it down at a reasonable hour that night. After all, I wasn't allowed to be brain-dead during testing. I want good scores. The urge to read on and find out what wild thing Daniel would do next -- or have done to him -- almost won out, but I prevailed. And finished it the next day after testing as soon as possible.

That was yesterday, the book's already back at the library, and I'm having the impulse to hug it. Don't worry; that's not too abnormal. For me, anyway. I miss it and I want to read Skin! (I'll get to that too.)

Technically, this a stand-alone novel (as of, like, right now and my limited knowledge). Untechnically (is that a word?), nothing is ever technical about any of Dekker's books. Something is going to change. Count on it.

So, I'm not real sure this even qualifies as a review, but there ya have it. The random points of Adam still bright in my mind after already being immersed in another book. Huh.

Now, to my reasons.

Firstly, but not foremost (sorry) is the Spring Reading Thing. *waves cheerfully at all the other Thingies out there, busily reading and blogging away* I figured if I'm going to post about Adam anyway, why not make it a review? Or attempt.

My second reason is sort of an Adam campaign (Charge! Haha, no.), in which I lavishly post the words "Put me under, I've got to find Eve..." everywhere, simply because I think they sound cool. Not to mention the sweet deals most bookstores are hosting until April 15th. My favorite is Barnes & Noble, where you can buy Adam and get Skin 50% off. (Thereby, my growing craving for reading Skin again.) *dreamily imagines Adam and Skin next to her copies of the Circle trilogy and Saint, at opposite ends to maintain appropriate alphabetical ordering* If I wasn't broke out of my mind, I would run out and buy them both. Since I can't, you should buy them for me! *grins*

You can check out the deals at the Adam official site or here in Ted Dekker's news page.

If you're like me on the other hand, and take a vicarious joy in talking other people into buying books, then check out the Adam street team and help spread the word.

(Whoa. Long post.)



Nathaniel said...

Very nice. I really need to post a review of scoop. I'm not going to forget Violet Dawn again today.

~Ley said...

Danke, Nathan. Good luck with your own review. Scoop is a good one!


M. C. Pearson said...

I've your link up on Teen FIRST.