Friday, April 04, 2008

God and Daydreams

What do you do when God taps you on the shoulder? I swear, sometimes I think He does crazy things just because He can. For example...

Okay, you remember way back when, when I posted about getting my reading position at WRP? (Going well, by the way.) Yeah, well, I... didn't tell it quite how it happened.

Yes, Georgiana D did lead me to the site. But I mean, what the heck kind of reader goes and looks in the employment oppurtunities section for the fun of it? Not me. Not usually.

But that sunday, as I lay in bed thinking, daydreaming, I came up with an idea. A situation to throw myself into recklessly. For the heck of it. I do it all the time.

Every night, or every morning, especially during those times when you're half asleep and the dreams come like music, I take characters, mine own, from books, myself, whomever, and toss them into situations, clash them against people, that I could never do in real life. Or in a real book. *grins*

But then I started getting excited about this idea. I said to myself, What if it really happened? Wouldn't that be cool? And then I started saying, But no, it couldn't happen. It's just my head getting to me.

Never say that when God's listening.

Fortunately, I was careful what I wished for. And when I went downstairs, trying to calm my tense stomach and fluttering pulse, I got on the computer and went straight for the WRP employment opportunities, knowing that it couldn't possibly happen.

Who, after all, would want a sixteen-year old girl to proof read a manuscript?

Apparently, the Wild Rose Press.

There was one thing, one small detail, that wasn't exactly the same as my daydream, but I didn't care. Nothing could disappoint me. I was on top of the world. Nothing could bring me down.

Last weekend, we went to Randy and Cindy's house, my dad's brother and wife (with a baby due in June! awww). Saturday we went shopping around some, got a flippin' awesome smoothie... etc. We had planned on going to Half Price Books, but just didn't have the time. We would go the next day.

That night in bed, listening to the TV downstairs, so tired I felt feverish, I wildly abandoned myself to a daydream.

Half Price Books, back corner clearance shelves, browsing the $1 shelve... and I stumble across... Coyote Dreams. This book was on my mind because I had just picked it up the day before at the library after waiting over a month for it and I to converge there on the same day. I finally had my sweaty little hands on it. And I couldn't read it yet.

But I'm patient.

Next day, we go into Half Price Books and Mom and I head for clearance. As I mentioned in my last post I'm broke. I even forgot to take my purse. The only way I was buying a book was if I found it real cheap and borrowed the money from my parents until we got home and I could pay them with spare change. Most of it in pennies.

So we browse. And then I stop, my mouth gaping and odd sounds coming out of it. Sort of like a high-pitched "Unhh..." Mom looks at me and I at her, and I say "Last night, I dreamed..." and on.

So I pull Coyote Dreams off the shelf and borrow $2 from Mom. Because it wasn't on the $1 shelf after all. But I didn't care. I was on top of the world. And this time I was staring down at the world around me in awe.

I read the book that day, no more waiting.

So now, God's tapped me on the shoulder twice. You've got my attention. Now what?

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