Monday, August 20, 2007

Tornado Warning

Since Nathan is insisting (impatient, are we?), I'm finally posting again on my blog.

Today was my fourth day of drivers' ed. Each session is a interminable four hours and typically boring. Graphically violent videos with viewer discretion warning add some entertainment occasionly. *grins vampirically* We focused mostly on drunk driving today. Did you know that once your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) hit .6, you die? I mean, dead. No exceptions. No matter what kind of tolerance you've built to alcohol. .6, it's over. Dang, that's something interesting, anyway.

A couple hours into our class and part-way through yet another graphic video about drunk driving, a group of teens pushes open the door, sees us and quickly closes it again. Mr. Wagner gives the door a comical look, but when they're still there a minute later, goes to check it out. One of the girls explained that there was a tornado warning and they had been told to come down here. Did I mention that class is held in the tornado shelter?

So they all sit in a corner and we continue watching the movie (officially, we never stopped). Meanwhile, I'm wondering if the little girl in their group, already looking a little traumatized, should be seeing charred corpses.

Soon, two other groups join us, along with some adults who are talking to Mr. Wagner. It's kind of difficult to focus on the movie. It seriously wasn't that interesting to begin with anyway.

Fortunately, the movie was a long one and we didn't have to try to discuss insurance with all of those poor people in there.

Between charred corpses, .6 BAC and tornado warnings, my day didn't turn out so bad after all. We even went over all the test questions. I do believe I'll make it. The test is abominably easy. And tomorrow. I might want to work on those Smith System principles....

Until tomorrow and another fun day of drivers' ed,

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