Monday, August 20, 2007

Sentence a Day

On my missions trip this summer, I finally made a commitment that I should have made a long time ago. Off and on I had considered trying to write at least one sentence every day, but never took myself seriously enough to actually do it. :) In Poland I finally said it and meant it... for realz. I haven't been doing so well as of yet, I'll admit it. But I'm hoping and praying that this will keep me commited. So if I don't post my sentence for the day, feel free to rag on me.

Here's for today's, from a story currently untitled and therefore referred to by the character names: Jacey Elliot and Lachlann Cottar.

He gave Jacey a quick study and turned to Cottar.

Please realize that these are first drafts and so rather 'rough'. Occasionly, if I only edit on a given day (unlikely), I may post a sentence I rewrote (but more likely one I added, hey, editing isn't entirely about taking things out).

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