Thursday, August 30, 2007


I found out that I have the master schedules for Alive '04 and '05. That means I have all the schedules from '04-'07. Yay! I also know that they started in 1988 (meaning this year was their 20th, congrats!) which is important.

I wrote an entire page today (and it's only 1400) and even finished a scene. I can start typing!

It seems the further I go in a story, the more research pops up. Even if I've been really good and done all my research up to that point. It just never stops. *sighs* I guess I'm getting some practice in even before my NaNo novel. (Thank God, I'm not doing Marked. It almost gives me a panic attack just thinking about the research on that one!)

I'll have to think up a title for this novel too... Hmm... Spartans, exposed babies, deformed children, disappearing goats, rampaging Persians (not to mention Greeks), escaped slaves....

Hey, this is sounding more interesting than it really is. So, that's how marketing works. Right.....

Oh well, I still need a title. Any ideas?

Dying of impatience for October and (yeah, buddy!) November,


Nathaniel said...

I'm glad writing makes you excited. It just scares me.

~Ley said...

Come on! It's fun! You can do it! (You know you want to do nano with us....)