Sunday, November 19, 2006

Life goes on...

I've been meaning to post. Really.

See, I meant to post thursday, because, yes, Michael did give me a snare. I'm so happy. It's loud. *grins*

And friday I meant to post, because thursday night Heather called. Heather's my encouragement representative from Teen Mania. Again very happy.

Now today I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I now have the Harry Potter theme song stuck in my head. At least it's cool. Before that Mom gave me a book that I have to read. And I'm willing, I started it last night. And don't think I'll necessarily agree with all that Abanes says, but I'll listen. Ah, it's called Harry Potter and the Bible. I guess I'll rant more when I've read it.

That's all so I'll leave you to your peace now.

And P.S. There's no school at all this week! Though it is because Aunt Jenny finally died saturday morning.

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