Friday, October 09, 2009


I just about had a breakdown of major proportions.

But, yeah, it's all good now. *sighs*

I had a paper due today, worth 30% of my grade, and I hadn't had an opportunity to work on it until today after classes. (I'm not a bad student, really...) Anyway, I'm like okay, I have until midnight, I'm cool. Until I get the notice that the blackboard, where I have to turn in my paper, is going down at 10:00 tonight for repairs. Grrr...

But I got my paper done. Not quite as long as it should be, 1450 instead of 1800, but I think it's good. And this professor likes my writing. Okay, I might make this. And I got done on time. Bonus, right?

So, I'm re-reading it one last time, word-padding here and there (practice for November... and maybe tomorrow), and pushing the time just a little. But I save it, pull up the site, upload the file, and hit submit... And the internet goes down. Suddenly the tears that have been threatening are about to shower. No freakin' way!

But it's all good. I sent it, I'm alright. I gonna crash now, and try to get over this miserable cold. Cool?


Nathaniel said...

I feel your pain. I lost an essay to my computer. I worked on it before class, since I didn't have a chance, before then. I did get it written in the writing workshop, after class. Unfortunately, the paper was shorter and not as well written as the first time.

Natasha said...

miserable cold...tell me about it. mom thinks i cracked my ribs from coughing so hard. LOVELY! anyway i miss you, little sister :-( can't wait to see you! some weekend i'm off i might just drive up to b-w and spend it with you. but only if you don't have a ton of homework. lol i love you