Sunday, October 04, 2009


Almost.... what, I'm not sure. But almost. Yes, I can feel it in my gut. Or is that the entire package of ramen noodles I just ate? *puzzles briefly* Either way, it's almost... something.

In more definitive news, I finally finished my production review and turned it in. That means I just have to do German homework and write a rough draft of my English paper. Easy... sure.

In more pleasant news, I actually went to church this morning! Cadence picked me up, and we went to Grace, the CMA church. The worship was good, the sermon was fine. And I went to Cadence's house for a while after, which was just as good for my soul as church was.

In... other (I tried, I really did.) news, yesterday when I was working (unsuccessfully) on the production review, I did manage to write 500 words on something fun. I'm not sure if that qualifies as strictly good, since it was a form of procrastination at the time, but still. It made me happy. (See the sentence! -->)

Speaking of procrastination....

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Crystal said...

I love your sentence! lol