Saturday, December 01, 2007

Good-bye November, Helloooo December!

It's that time of year again. Bitterly cold weather, yet no snow. Cold feet, cold hands, and we're still not sure about the hearts thing. The panicking over the Christmas shopping yet to be done is starting to mount. And the final NaNo wordcounts have been posted, the documents closed and saved (or deleted) for posterity.

Ah, yes, it December, the most miserable *coughs*, I mean, wonderful time of the year.

Why am I up at the wee hours of the morning, when all sane people are in bed, you ask? Maybe you missed the portion when I mentioned NaNo, or maybe you just don't understand the term, but on this night, all across the globe, there are thousands of people just like me, some already finished and others frantically trying to.

Yes, it is the First of December and the grand and awe-inspiring National Novel Writing Month is finally over.

I, like the rest of the insane members of this crazy world of noveling, stayed up late typing as fast as my chilled and sore fingers could. Luckily I had a Buddy to keep me company into the wee hours of this chilly first day of December, to cheer and amuse, to encourage and rejoice with, our own dear Nathaniel, who hit an official wordcount of 4,505, quadrupaling his word count in only a few hours.

Though neither of us accomplished the distinguished (although, admittedly, demented) goal of 50,000 words of pure reading pleasure (read: absolute, but entertaining, crap), we accomplished our own personal goals with great zeal and verve. My own goal was to pass up my last year's NaNo count, which I achieved in excess of almost 4,000 words, bringing my total to 12,097, as an official, validated, and locked count.

Another fall almost crumbled and blown away, another winter creeping up in its silent ice-slippers. Seasons change, word counts peak and bed times come.

We have succeeded in changing our own little worlds this quiet night. November died, but novels, writers, were born. And a young December presses on, determined to give birth to a bitter, joyous winter.

And so, this hyped and slightly disturbed writer signs off for the night, wishing only to leave her readers enlightened and hopeful for the new month, coming season, and future NaNo.

Here's to future WriMo's and NaNo winners!
Congratulations to all the 2007 winners!
Special congratulations go to the especially deserving Circle Wrimo, history (fondly called hist) aka, haironastick, who outwrote everybody with an insane drive worthy of a true WriMo. You have inspired us all.

And to close, I finish with a quote I deem fitting, from our own dear Chris Baty. "Your optimism and plucky refusal to adhere to reality inspires us all."

Good night, cruel world! Save some cake for me!


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Nathaniel said...

You really had way too much caffeine today. I'm not saying I didn't really enjoy that post. I'm also wondering why am I still up? I think that my blog explains it. Although in much less fanciful writing as one might have guess from this comment. I stayed up to read this post. The post that I have waited 21 days for checking almost everyone of those lonely days for a new post. Good night I think I might be sick or something to that effect because I'm starting to be random like you.