Monday, December 24, 2007

Fall Into Reading Wrap-up Post

Yeah, it's a couple days late. But it's here. Be happy.

I got almost all my books read. I was so close. But not quite. *sighs* Five of the books on my list didn't get read. Anna Karenina, Around the World in Eighty Day, Anne of Green Gables, Arrowsmith, and Bringer of Storms.

I admit, the first four I didn't really want to read. I will be reading them at some point nonetheless. They had to be returned to the library and I forgot to check them out again. Genuinely, I did forget. And if you know my memory, you might actually believe that.

The last book I didn't read, Bringer of Storms, I still intend on getting to before the new year. *snorts quietly* Guess we'll see, ya?

Getting all those books read was a relief. Of course, I now have a new stack, but it's slightly smaller and more manageable. I can get it done. If I managed this fall, I can certainly do it this winter. Boo-yah. *smiles*

Well, I have to go. Grandparents and the mysterious Matthias are here, and soon... the Relatives! *gasps*

Happy Christmas all!

(You better be happy with this Nathan!)


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Nathaniel said...

It will have to do since that is all there is. I'm going to write one this evening. I'm so happy I found my silverware and lo and behold there was a can opener. I can now open cans the right way. I'm 2 books away from my before Christmas break is over goal. I finished The Robe though. I will be reading Summer of Light, Deliver us from Evelyn.